Kinzi’s Frenzy

 By Kinzi Kaiser

The fine arts have always been on the chopping block for funding; they have always been put behind sports.
Some schools don’t even fund many sports. Students need different ways to express themselves however they choose.

Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with sports, I too enjoy them. I fully believe in the funding of all school activities. I’m just trying to state why they should be considered of equal importance.

With sports, once a person reaches a certain age, they’re out of the game. However, music and art will stay with a person for as long as they live.

The fine arts are a huge part of our history and our modern culture. Why would schools consider cutting such an important part of life out of the curriculum, yet fund the sports?

Music and art are used as therapy. They are the best ways to show emotion and relieve stress. They have endless ways to express any emotion.

Fine arts are of equal importance with sports. It is not fair when athletic teens get scholarships for their abilities, but students of the fine arts don’t get that chance because they are not funded within their school.

More students find careers that use skills learned in art and music than sports. I don’t understand how schools could just disregard the future career choices of their pupils.

It is very important to fund all activities in high schools. Activities will stick with students in their futures and are extremely important to character and social aspect. Everyone needs to fight for all activities to stay funded in schools, especially the fine arts.