From Across the World to Sterling

By Ethan Robinson

It’s a new school year, and with it, SHS is the host of two new exchange students.

Please welcome Sevil Mamedovi and Malte Kuessner!

Sevil comes from the small city of Marneuli in Georgia, and Malte from Willich-Anrath, Germany. Their arrival here marked their first time in the United States. Both came here for brand new experiences; Sevil saying she is here to meet new people and cultures and Malte remarking that one of his favorite subjects in school was English.

As for their exchange programs, both of their hometowns are similar to Sterling. Malte says that the flat landscape and abundance of friendliness and pickup trucks is not unlike Willich-Anrath.

School, however, is a different experience altogether for them. For instance, Sevil states that American schools are not similar at all to those in Georgia.  Here in the U.S. you move about the school, rather than stay in one classroom, and get more variety of choices in classes.

Sevil says she is glad for this, especially now that it gives her a chance to try new classes, like theatre. Sevil thoroughly enjoys this elective.

“Mr. Johnson is an awesome and amazing teacher,” she said.

Malte, on the other hand, is sort of a renaissance man when it comes to hobbies and says he tries to enjoy everything. Several of his joys include hunting, fishing, skiing and bicycling. He also joined the soccer team, which is yet another new experience to add to his list.

Both Malte and Sevil have expressed some challenges in school when it comes to English, but their aforementioned joys along with helpful, understanding teachers have so far made that transition easier.

Overall, their experiences have gone greatly, with both Malte and Sevil emphasizing an excitement to find something new, whether it is knowledge or potential friends.

Now, Sterling Tigers, let’s make sure this stays that way. Let us continue to show them a good time, so that our exchange students may leave the U.S. with bright, positive memories that will stick with them for many years to come.


Malte Kussner (32) 2
Malte plays center mid for the JV soccer team.



Sevil Mamedovi
Sevil takes a break from rehearsing lines in her theater class.