Homecoming In Review

By Kinzi Kaiser

SHS celebrated Homecoming from Sept. 28 to Oct. 2.

Student Council members chose the dress up days for the week.

“I liked the dress up days. My favorite day was movie duo day. I dressed up as Ken and Kayla Albright dressed up as Barbie,” said sophomore Matt Hill.

The week started off with color day; freshmen wore red, sophomores wore yellow, juniors wore green, seniors wore blue and staff wore purple clothing. Then followed Disney day on Tuesday, with a variety of costumes including Star Wars characters and princesses. Movie duo/twin day was on Wednesday, hippie day on Thursday and Spirit day on Friday.

“My favorite dress-up day was spirit day because everyone always goes all out,” said junior Faith Floro.

“My favorite part about Homecoming week was wearing my cape on spirit day,” said sophomore Luke Jensen.

The pep rally was on Friday afternoon during fourth and eighth periods. It started off with the cheerleaders performing their state routine to the students.

“You could definitely say we put a lot of hard work into our state routine that we performed at the pep rally. It was more than I could’ve asked for,” said senior Homecoming queen Ashli Hellman.

The pep rally also included a donut eating competition for some staff members. Science teacher Aaron Edinger, dressed up as character “Eddie Spaghetti,” held a game a competition in which students from each class competed by searching the crowd for twelve cents, pocket lint and black no-show socks.

Multiple mini-games were performed by members of each sports team. Senior volleyball players served volleyballs into oversized sweatpants worn by golf team members. Senior soccer players wore pantyhose with a tennis ball at the bottom  in a competition to see who could knock down a row of powerade bottles the fastest.

Following the pep rally, students proceeded to go outside to destroy an old car.

Friday night had two Homecoming events. The first was the Homecoming football game. The team won against University 47-7.

“The band has really been growing since school started and this week we really got to prove what we were made of, especially on Friday night,” said Jensen.

The bonfire followed shortly after the football game. At the bonfire, the band played, the cheerleaders cheered to the students and students from the sports teams spoke for their team.

“I really liked the bonfire this year because it wasn’t rainy this year and the fire was big,” said Floro.

The week came to a close with the red carpet themed Homecoming dance on Saturday night from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Color Day
Juniors Amanda Scherbarth, Katlyn LaPorte, Kelsey Adams and Carlie Rosa and seniors Amber Finlayson and Ashli Hellman participate in Color Day.


Jessica Holloway (11)
Junior Jessica Holloway dresses up as “Jessie” from “Toy Story” for Disney Day.


Mr. Edinger
Aaron Edinger dresses up as “Alan” from “The Hangover”, for Duo Day.


Luis Rojas (11)
Junior Luis Rojas is in the groove for hippie day.


Taylor Huss (11)
Junior Taylor Huss shows off her tiger spirit in her homemade tutu.


Teachers face off against students in a game of tug-of-war.


Soccer players are challenged to knock over Powerade bottles with a baseball and pantyhose.


Administrative staff go against senior softball players in a toilet paper and dribbling competition.