Teacher of October

By Katlyn LaPorte

The teacher of the month for October is the one and only Aaron Edinger. Edinger teaches biology, anatomy, science research and physical sciences and is currently an assistant coach for the football team. He has been teaching for five years.

Edinger was born on April 28 and is 33 years old. He and his wife Valerie have four kids: Everett, Capri, Corbin and Vincent. Everett is seven years old, Capri is six, Corbin is four and Vincent is two. He really enjoys coaching sports and driving or riding horses.

Edinger graduated from Eaton High School in 2001. He was a year round athlete in high school, playing football, wrestling and track. He attended and graduated from UNC in 2005. He continued his football career in college.

Edinger’s favorite color is blue. His favorite food is steak. His favorite sports are football and wrestling. His favorite TV show is the Walking Dead and he really enjoys the movies Brave Heart and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Despite being a science teacher, his favorite subject is history.Aaron Edinger

Edinger’s favorite teaching memory was his first year teaching middle school science when he realized he needed to be more particular with his wording when he told them to put the, “balls in their sacks” rather than telling them to put the round objects in the bags.

“I hadn’t realized what I said until the whole class was laughing,” said Edinger.

Edinger aspires to give back to others the same as he has received. Part of his giving back is running Young Life, a Christian ministry that provides a fun, safe and accepting environment for high school students.

Edinger is a very popular teacher among the students at SHS.

“I like the way he teaches. He is easy going and really understanding. I don’t really even consider him as a teacher because he builds that bond with you as a student,” said junior Yadira Galvan.

“He is a good coach, he is motivating and always positive and if we ever make mistakes he helps us fix them,” said junior Gama Soto.