November’s Tigress of the Month

By Katlyn LaPorte

Alexis RutzThe female athlete of the month for November is softball player Alexis Rutz-Egan. Rutz-Egan was born on Oct. 13, 1997. Her family consists of her mom Lisa, her dad Clayton, her sister Ashtyn and her brother Caylan.

Rutz-Egan has been playing softball since she was only five years old. She has played all four years of high school.

For the last four years, the softball team has taken first place in regionals and this year the team’s goal is to win the state championship.

The position Rutz-Egan plays is left field. She has stolen 50 bases in one season and has obtained a career of 100 stolen bases.

Over the years she has grown really close with her team. Before each game the team has a ritual of praying together.

Her biggest overall supporters are her mom and dad.

Rutz-Egan wants to give a shout-out to Lauren Szabo and Megan Kaiser for always being her best friends.

Her favorite softball memory was beating Eaton 18-3 this season in the regional championship.

“It was my favorite memory because I think it is the best we’ve ever played,” said Rutz-Egan.

In any sport there are always ups and downs.

“The best part of softball is you can be down 12-0 and still come back and win the game. The worst part is when you get into a hitting slump,” said Rutz-Egan.

Rutz-Egan’s favorite subject is English. She really enjoys the comedy movie “Step Brothers” and her favorite book is “The Kite Runner.” Spaghetti is her favorite food. Her all-time favorite quote is Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through God who strengthens me.”

Her favorite high school memory was going up to watch the girls’ basketball team at the state championship because it showed a lot of school spirit.

Rutz-Egan’s hobbies include playing softball and riding her horses. She has two horses, two dogs and 10 cats. She also participates in track and field during the spring. In track she competes in long jump, 4×100 meter dash, the sprint medley and triple jump.

She maintains a 3.9 GPA and has consistently done well in school.

Some advice Rutz-Egan gives underclassmen is, “To go to everything because it goes by really fast.”

Looking towards the future, Rutz-Egan hopes to win state this year and play softball at Arizona State University. In 10 years she sees herself going to medical school and becoming a pharmacist.