Moves on the Mat: Tigers Cheerleading Review

By Katlyn LaPorte

This year’s Tigers cheer season kicked off on the first day of summer when the cheerleaders kicked it into gear for morning practices. The girls practice every weekday morning of the summer for the whole summer, at six o’clock a.m. These practices are for the new cheerleaders to learn cheers, dances, and how to stunt, and for the whole team to put together a routine to perform at Homecoming.

On July 20, the cheer squad hired a choreographer, Amanda Krause, from Denver to come to Sterling and teach them a whole routine to perform at regionals and state. The girls practiced endlessly, finishing out summer morning practice and moving into after school practices.

The 2015 homecoming game fell on Oct. 2, and the girls performed their full routine in front of the whole entire staff and student body for the first time. After the performance the girls were so ecstatic that everything hit to where there were tears in their eyes; but this was not the end of this routine for them, only the beginning.

To this day the cheerleaders practice hard every single day after school so they are well prepared and looking fantastic for their regional cheer competition on Nov. 20, and their state cheer competition on Dec. 11 and 12.

The routine is advanced. It consists of many advanced stunts, dances, and jumps that have to be completely perfected to really “wow” the judges.

The squad will continue to work every day until their competition dates so their routine is flawless.

Getting to know this year’s squad; they consist of five seniors; Mileena Borges, Amber Finlayson, Ashli Hellman, Cyntera May, and Brittany Wright, four juniors; Kelsey Adams, Yadira Galvan, Katlyn LaPorte, and Carlie Rosa, two sophomores; Kayla Albright and Halie Cure, and five freshman; Danessa Allen, Ashby Hux, Haley Kerr, Emory Lesh, and Ciara Thompson.

For seniors Hellman and Finlayson it will be their fourth year on the cheer squad.

“This season is going great, there have been some bumps in the road along the way but it is nothing we can’t handle,” said Hellman.

“I think we will do really well this year at our competitions because we have all worked really hard and stayed dedicated and when competition time comes all our hard work will pay off,” said Finlayson.

“The hardest part about cheer is the fact that it ends. The bonds, games, competitions, summer practices, the relationships all coming to an end is the hardest part. I don’t know how I am going to make it through the day without my girls, without hearing about their drama or seeing their smiley faces in the hall. They really are what get me through everything,” said Hellman.

“The thing I will miss the most is the connection I have with all the girls and how much each and every one of them formed me into who I am today. I will miss all of our laughs and team nights,” said Finlayson.

Hellman’s and Finlayson’s all-time favorite cheer memories are both going to Elitches with the squad and team nights because that is when they all bonded the most.

The head coach for the cheer squad is Jolene Maul. Maul puts everything she has into her cheer squad and has for many years.

“This year’s returning members have been really good mentors for the new girls. They have really impressed upon them the importance of keeping our tradition of being completely dedicated to the sport of cheer,” said Maul. “If our homecoming performance was any indication, we should do a good job in our competitions, hopefully improving with each one.”

Maul also wants to thank the student body for all their support of the cheerleaders.

The cheerleaders will continue to put in hard-work and dedication up until the time of their competitions.

The SHS Cheer Squad prepares to cheer the Lady Tigers volleyball team on to victory.