November’s Tiger of the Month

By Sydney Goldenstein

Brennan Skerjanec

The male athlete of the month for November is senior Brennan Skerjanec.

Skerjanec was born on January 1st. His parents are Joe and Marybeth, and he has three brothers; Stanton, James and Liam.

Skerjanec has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout high school. His favorite subject is math because he “is good at it.”

On the football field, Skerjanec is number 12. He plays wide receiver and safety.

“The best thing about football is winning as a team. The worst is losing,” said Skerjanec.

His favorite memory in football is picking off quarterbacks with Austin Chavez.

Skerjanec’s goal for high school is to take state in football.

“Not only is it my goal, but it’s a team goal to win state,” said Skerjanec.

Skerjanec’s pre-game ritual is to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

His biggest supporter is his grandmother.

“She’s my biggest supporter because she always takes my side, no matter what happens in the game,” said Skerjanec.

His biggest confidence boost is his teammates.

Skerjanec’s advice to underclassmen and JV players is to never be afraid to ask questions.

“Shout out to dirty Mike and the boys,” said Skerjanec.

Skerjanec also plays basketball. He is number is 34 on the court and is a forward.

Some of his favorite things include the book Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson, the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, the T.V. show Breaking Bad, football, breakfast foods and his favorite “athlete” is Jackie Moon from the movie Semi-Pro.

Skerjanec’s hobbies include playing disc golf and other sports.

His biggest role model is his father.

“My dad has the character and integrity I want to have when I become a father,” said Skerjanec.

His biggest inspiration is small town kids who turned into college athlete.

Skerjanec’s favorite high school memory is when he went to state FBLA his sophomore year.

His college plans include signing to play “competitive under-water basket weaving at Ball-so-hard University.”