Holiday Traditions

By Kirsten Hernandez

KirstenThe holiday time is here and it is time to start decorating. Time to string lights,
listen to Christmas music and spend time with family. My family decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. This is a tradition that my family upholds every year.

On the day after Thanksgiving we start out by setting up the tree. Then we string lights and beads around the tree. We decorate the tree with ornaments we have collected. One of the most important to all of us is our baby’s first Christmas ornament. When we have all our ornaments on we add some bows and other bulb ornaments. To top the tree off we add the star. We do some other decorating inside like hanging all of our stockings.

That afternoon we go outside and decorate the house. We string lights all across
the front of our house. We put our blow ups out. We decorate the living room window
with lights and window decals.

That evening after we eat dinner, we make hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie while enjoying family time and our Christmas tree. This family tradition is always upheld and it is something we all enjoy doing as a family. This is a great opportunity to spend time with each other and start the Christmas season out right.