New Year’s, New Teams

By Gracie Bacon

It is almost that time of year again where the thought of a new year excites us all. With New Year’s almost around the corner, the aspiration of conducting a new resolution for ourselves to “follow” is an enjoyable tradition. New Year’s can mean multiple things for numerous people. For me, New Year’s means new chances, new changes, and of course new teams. With this being my first year playing varsity came new faces and new talent. Not all of the faces of my teammates were new to me though. Throughout the last four years, I have played with these girls through school volleyball, club volleyball, and summer volleyball.

Within last year’s volleyball team and this year’s volleyball team the stats have changed from 17-10 to 13-14. Even though the stats went down, the relationships made a better and stronger team. Through every new challenge comes a new person prepared to help you succeed and push you towards your highest potential.

Each new season starts off something great. In volleyball, we had eight new players excited to play some varsity ball leading to a road towards a bigger challenge. The six returning varsity players not only pushed all of us to do higher quality work, but also mentored us throughout the season. Their patience and understanding made it possible for us new girls to focus on the main goal and allowed us to make a stronger bond then we thought could occur.


Gracie 3