Student Feature: Kevin Kulinenka

By Ethan Robinson

Seldom does Sterling High School receive multicultural students such as freshman Kevin Kulinenka.

Kulinenka is originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, though he has been in the United States since 2001. He lived in New York City, Brooklyn specifically, where his family initially moved so his mother could find a better job. At around 13 years old, they would move again for career opportunities, and Kulinenka would attend school in Fleming.

At Sterling High, Kulinenka is on the soccer team, and says he has the most fun playing it. Though Kulinenka is a well-rounded student when it comes to activities, he has played the sousaphone since the 7th grade, which he now plays for the school band.

Although he still misses city life in New York and the wide-range of things of to do there, he enjoys being at SHS. This school has more kids than his last one, so Kulinenka is glad to be around more people and make more friends.

Overall, Kulinenka’s year is going well and the only thing in his way is getting used to being a freshman and a new student in the community. Surely he will adjust perfectly in time, and continue to be shown the warm Sterling welcome.