A Dominant Season Calls for a Closer Bond

By Gracie Bacon

With every sport comes a special bond. Sterling High School boys’ basketball season has been having an exciting season with a record of 11 wins and two losses.

Head coach Mike Holloway asserted, “I expect my team to have fun and get better as the season goes on. I have been head coach for 13 years and hope to keep coaching. I think there are way too many funny memories this season to have a favorite one.”2

Senior Davis Lebsock also expressed his feelings about this year’s basketball season. “This season I have scored roughly around 20 points a game. I have been playing competitive basketball for ten years. Other than that, I have been playing ball all my life.” Lebsock also mentioned, “I am happy with my team and this season because we are a tight knit team and we have a legit shot at being state champs and we all get along perfectly to where it makes the season fun. The funniest memory for me this year is the bus rides without a doubt.”

Junior Wade Kellogg shared his fondness of this season, “I normally score an average of 19 points a game. I have been playing basketball all of my life. I’m pretty happy with this season because we are good and function very well together. I think the funniest memory of this season was when Chas crossed over on a kid from University.”1

Sophomore Brayden Lambrecht added in, “I am pretty happy with this season because we won most of the games so far. The highest amount of points I have made in a varsity game is eight points. I have been playing basketball since second grade. The absolute funniest memory of this season would be being interviewed at the Country Club on Wednesday nights with Wade.”

Last, but not least, freshman Isaac Harris who has had the opportunity to play varsity this season expressed his thoughts on the subject. “The most points I have made in a varsity game is ten points. I have been playing basketball for 11 years. I am pretty happy with this season because we communicate well and are a close team. For me, the funniest memory of this season was when Chas crossed over on the guy from University.”


Top 3’s of 2015

By Abby Cross



1.)   Inside outInside Out was released June 19, 2015, and everyone was in love with it. It’s about the emotions of a little girl named Rylie. The movie takes place inside her head. After her family moves, Sadness started causing problems by turning all of the happy memories sad. Throughout the movie, Joy learns that in order for her to be herself, Rylie needed sadness.

Even though this is a children’s movie, the message is very important for everyone to understand: it’s okay to be sad. Because in order to feel happiness, you must feel sadness.

2.)   Jurassic WorldJurassic World came out June 12, 2015. “Jurassic World” is a luxury resort where people can visit to see dinosaurs. The main attraction is Indominus Rex, who ends up escaping and causes the other dinosaurs to escape as well.

I loved all of the action in this movie. It was a real thriller and kept me on the edge of my seat.

3.)   Furious 7Furious 7 is the 7th movie is the Fast and Furious series. It came out April 3, 2015. After defeating an international terrorist, the crew tries to return to their normal lives; however, they keep getting roped into new missions.

This movie was amazing. During the filming of this movie, Actor Paul Walker died. I feel like this event made Fast 7 all that more important to the cast, as well as the audience.


TV Shows

1.) The Challene: Battle of the Bloodlines– The 27th season of The Challenge aired Dec 2, 2015. The Challenge has a variety of different “themes” ranging from Battle of the Exs to Battle of the Bloodlines. In the beginning, each person was coupled with either their brother, sister, or cousin, competing against 13 other teams. They then switched it up and pitted bloodlines against each other on two separate teams. One by one, each of the 14 teams were eliminated until they crowned the winners at the end. Third place got $25000. Second place got $75000. First place got $250000.

This series is very entertaining to watch. It’s and to mix between a reality TV show, including all the drama,  and intense physical and mental challenges.

2.) The Walking Dead– This zombie packed TV show first aired on October 31, 2010. Season 6 was released on October 11, 2015. The Walking Dead is about different groups of people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. During season 6, the group is still in Alexandria. They spot large heards of walkers headed toward the town and needed to stop them. They failed and the town was invaded not only by zombies, but by another group called Negan.

The Walking Dead is an action packed series with intense drama and emotion. I’ve been a fan since day one.

3.) IZombieIZombie was first released March 17, 2015. Since then there has been two seasons released. It’s about a Medical student named Liv Moore, who attended a boat party and ended up getting scratched by a guy who took a drug called Utopium, which turned him into a zombie. Liv starts working at the Coroner’s Office in order to get her brain fix. When she eats a brain, she gets the memories of that person. She passes these flashes off as psychic visions in order to help detectives figure out how the person died.

When I first heard of this show, I thought it was going to be very cheesey, but I was very wrong. I love how they came up with a positive interpretation of zombies.



1.) “Stitches”: Shawn Mendes- The official music video was released June 24, 2015.

I like this song because even though it’s about a breakup, it still has a positive vibe about it. It has an upbeat rhythm and easy to remember lyrics.

2.) “The Hills”: The Weekend- The official video was released May 27, 2015. I like this song because even though it kind of has a slower beat, it is still upbeat and fun to listen to. It also has a great back bass that makes it enjoyable to listen to.

3.) “Cheerleader”: OMI- The official music video was released April 8, 2015. I love this song because it’s about a guy who finds a girl who he can count on. It’s putting girls, from a guy’s perspective, in a positive light instead of sexualizing them. When it first came out, it was very over played but but I but I still this is an amazing song.

Special Comment: Black History Month

By Amber Antinora

Every year February comes and goes and every year Black History Month comes and goes, with it often without a thought. Black History Month is a time when people of all races educate and remember the rich history that is usually forgotten. We remember the millions of people that have died because of the color of their skin. But we also remember the brave men and women who have overcame the barriers set by a world that does not want them to succeed.

    In February, we should educate ourselves about Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Ella Baker and many others.

    Specifically in America, African-Americans have played a huge part in our culture and our history. It is hard to find an aspect of life that was not impacted; our music, our food, our dances.

    Starting with slavery, Jim Crow Laws, the formation of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Little Rock Nine, the March on Washington, the formation of the Black Panthers, Los Angeles Riots, and more recently, the Black Lives Matter movement; America’s history is littered with the good, the bad and the ugly. It is very true that history repeats itself. While there is a long battle of systematic oppression, living in ignorance of the past will not produce forward movement.

    Although February is Black History Month, we should not limit educating ourselves only to February. Activist and writer Joel Christian Gill works hard to get the idea out that 28 (or 29) days is not enough. “We talk about these people, and by the time we get through with them, we don’t have a conversation about who, in the face of American racism, pulled themselves up from their bootstraps and made a way for themselves.” Considering it is a large part of our history and our everyday life, educating yourself all year round is not a bad thing.


Knowledge Bowl

By Amber Antinora

Come for the donuts, stay for the fun! The Sterling High School’s Knowledge Bowl team is in full swing.

The team, led by Coach Sally Zinn, consists of 12 SHS students. Zinn has coached Knowledge Bowl for 16 years–six at SHS and ten years at Cripple Creek. She had taken her team to the state match four times. Zinn says going is a “great experience for the students”. She personally loves watching because “it’s like a big game of jeopardy.” Her love for the trivia is why she wanted to coach in the first place.

The team is made up of eight seniors and four sophomores. Katherine Lambrecht has been on the team since she was a freshman. Lambrecht, along with her teammates, say they look forward to the donuts they have at the meets. Lambrecht’s strong subject is math.

Zach Benson is going on his second year of knowledge bowl and he is good at history questions. He especially looks forward to Theodore Roosevelt questions.

For seniors Rayna Medeles, Amanda Yetter and Abe Arguello, this is their first year of Knowledge Bowl. Arguello says he is good with a little bit of everything and Medeles is good with medical science. Her best memory is blurting out “Osama Bin Laden” at the first meet.

Josh Maggard, AKA “The Tree”, does not have a certain strong subject but has answered the most questions of the SHS team at all the meets so far.

Dawn Sonnenberg has been on the team for three years and is on Sterling’s A team. While she does not have a specific strong subject, she is good at guessing. Her best memory is when her team was in the first room for all three rounds, meaning they were at the top score-wise. Sonnenberg believes they have a great, hardworking team and they have a great chance of going to state.

On Feb. 12th, four members will compete in the regional meet in Greeley. At the last meet, the Sterling A team tied for third place. Zinn feels strongly that they will represent Sterling well.  At the regional meet, Maggard, Sonnenberg, Benson, Lambrecht and Yetter competed to go to the state match. They got fifth place and were one point away from getting to go.Knowledge Bowl 2

February’s Tiger Scholar of the Month

Dawn SonnenbergBy Brynn Abernathy

Due to her academic achievement, Dawn Sonnenberg is February’s student of the month. Sonnenberg was born on May 2, 1998. Her mother is Susan Sonnenberg and she has three sisters Bobby Sue, Juanita and Gabby.

Sonnenberg has a 3.7 GPA and her favorite teacher is Mr. Blake. Her best high school memory so far is attending Knowledge Bowl meets because “they are always a lot of fun.” One of Sonnenberg’s high school goals is to graduate with the least amount of stress possible. Her advice to underclassmen is “Don’t stress yourself out and don’t worry about little things.”

In the future, Sonnenberg plans on attending college for a biomedical or biochemical engineering degree. Ten years down the road, Sonnenberg sees herself working as a biomedical engineer while volunteering abroad and starting a family.

In her free time, Sonnenberg enjoys baking, fishing, and playing tennis. She has three cats, Tiger, Jasper and Loki, and two dogs, Sydney and Angel. Her favorite subject is math because “It is easy and fun.” Sonnenberg’s two favorite books are Fallen by Lauren Kate and Red Rising by Pierce Brown. Her favorite food is white cheddar mac and cheese from Panera.  Sonnenberg’s favorite movie is Grave Encounters 2.

Sonnenberg said her role model is her mother because she is hard-working. In the future, Sonnenberg plans on attending college for a biomedical or biochemical engineering degree. Ten years down the road, Sonnenberg sees herself working as a biomedical engineer while volunteering abroad and starting a family. Finally, her favorite quote is “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”- Albert Einstein.

SHS Snowball Gets Rolling

By Sevil Mamedovi

On Feb.12, the Snowball dance at Tiger Den hosted by the Sterling High School student council. The student council was very excited to host the first Snowball dance at SHS.

“The Snowball dance was like a low scale Homecoming dance,” said Megan Kaiser, president of Student Council. “The DJ from Homecoming came for the Snowball dance too.”

To attend the Snowball, students needed to bring one can food or $1. The idea of bringing can food was the idea of Student Council Advisor Lisa Schumacher.

“All the can food will be donated to the community,” she said.

Schumacher added that the dress code for Snowball would be school appropriate , casual outfit , so the students could feel themselves and be absolutely comfortable .

The preparation of Snowball dance involved all the members of Student Council, teachers and parent volunteers.

“The Snowball dance, was for Sterling High School students , to relax from everyday life, to gather together and have fun, while helping to impact the community by donating all the can food of the dance,” said Kaiser.image1

Alphabet Soup: ACT to SAT

By Kayla Smithgall

On the last day of the legislative session in May of 2015, State Legislature passed a law regarding state assessment. The law required that the 10th grade assessment must be aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards and the corresponding college entrance exam. It also required that both assessments go through a competitive procurement process every five years.

On Dec. 23, 2015, a state procurement committee appointed by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) chose the College Board, the makers of the Scholarship Altitude Test (SAT), over the American College Test (ACT) testing company. This means that for the first time since 2001, Colorado high school juniors will be taking the SAT test rather than the ACT test, beginning in the spring of 2017. Also, this spring of 2016, sophomores will be taking the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) rather than the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) test they took last year.

RE-1 Valley Superintendent Dr. Jan DeLay was one of the 15 people asked to be on the evaluation committee. The committee was made of educators, district administrators and a representative from CDE.IMG_2390

“We all received an email in the beginning of December asking us to review the proposals,” she said.

According to the CDE, “it is important for parents and students to know that the SAT is an approved, recognized assessment option in the Colorado Commission on Higher Education’s Admissions Standards Policy and a well-established, recognized credential presented by students from around the world. Also, all public colleges and universities in Colorado have experience understanding and interpreting SAT results in the context of their admissions processes and will accept the new SAT for admission and scholarship consideration purposes.”

The College Board revised the SAT in 2015 so juniors will be taking an updated version this year. Their exam program, “demonstrated appropriate alignment to the High School Colorado Academic Standards in Mathematics and Reading, Writing and Communicating when evaluated on the basis of academic content knowledge and rigor/cognitive complexity.”

“We based our decision on the needs of the Colorado students and we felt students would do better taking the SAT. It was more aligned to current academic standards,” said DeLay.

The board also felt that the scores of the PSAT and the SAT were easier to compare.

“The College Board has partnered with Khan Academy. They will provide free practice for upcoming juniors based off of their PSAT results from their sophomore year. Based off of the results, they will receive a free personal study guide,” DeLay said

They have also partnered with community-based partners Boys and Girls Club and RoadTrip Nation “to enhance equity and opportunities for all students.” Their scholarship partners include American Indian Graduate Center, the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, The Hispanic Scholarship Fund, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and the United Negro College Fund.

The PSAT is similar, “in design, style and content to the SAT with a logical, seamless progression in the level of complexity from the 10th grade exam to the 11th grade exam.”

Both the SAT and the PSAT, “provide opportunities for students to employ higher order thinking skills and apply content and conceptual knowledge to authentic situations, which are valued components within the Colorado Academic Standards.”

The tests are, “authentic to classroom assessment styles and are text-based responses which require rhetorical and argumentative analysis.”

The College Board also has a phone app for both Apple and Android devices that “provides free practice features, including a question a day and immediate scoring of a paper-based practice test using the app and the phone’s camera.”

“I believe the new tests will allow students to show what they have learned with these new tests that also provide free online support to help students improve, if they wish to improve their scores. I also encourage our juniors and sophomores to relax, don’t get stressed out,  get a good night’s sleep the night before the assessment, give it their best thinking, and I send all of our students my best wishes for the day, but also all the days that follow!” said DeLay.

As of now, the testing date for sophomores has not been determined. Juniors will be taking the ACT on Apr. 19.

Get the app: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/practice/daily-practice-app

Read details about the House Bill passed here: https://www.cde.state.co.us/cdedepcom/hb1323