Kickin’ It With Katlyn

By Katlyn LaPorte

For me, Super Bowl Sunday is just like a holiday. But this year it was even better because the Denver Broncos would get to face off against the Carolina Panthers. I’ve been a Broncos fan since I was in the womb, and they won the Super Bowl with Elway in ’99. I had been waiting for this day since then, and it felt like Christmas.

I woke up Sunday morning already in anticipation of the 4:30 kickoff. All day long, I made use of my time in different ways, anxiously awaiting the big game. Finally the time had come; I threw on my #10 Sanders jersey, my orange and blue Broncos leggings, and my Broncos hat and it was time to go.

Katlyn's EditorialThe coin toss is up, Denver heads, Carolina tails. It’s tails and Carolina defers.

“This is it,” I thought. Special teams came onto the field to prepare for the first play of the game. The nerves were eating me alive; the only thing keeping me sane was the funny commercials.

Within minutes of the game’s opening drive, McManus was brought onto the field, to kick a field goal to put the Broncos on the board with the first three points of the game. Then it was the Panthers turn to score, or so we thought. Little did every Bronco fan know that Von Miller was just about to strip the ball from Cam Newton just outside the end zone, leading to a recovery by Malik Jackson in the end zone for a touchdown.

10-0. Everyone goes wild, the Broncos got the first touchdown of the Super Bowl, and it was a defensive touchdown at that. Around the world Broncos fans were screaming, high-fiving, and jumping up and down. I know I was.

As the game progressed, Aquib Talib’s performance took a toll on the whole team, as he received not one but two personal fouls; his second one resulting in a touchdown for the Panthers. This touchdown was followed by angry yells, booing and throwing foam objects at the big screens in the homes of all Broncos fans.

Before the half was over, McManus took the field once again to kick another field goal for the Broncos, leaving the score at 16-7.

The halftime show is one of the best parts of the Super Bowl. Not only is it a huge concert, but there is always amazing performers. This year was Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars. With the crazy color schemes and wild dancers, the three different acts definitely made that halftime show a memorable one.

I was thankful for halftime, not only because of the amazing entertainment, but it gave me a whole half hour to calm my nerves.