Knowledge Bowl

By Amber Antinora

Come for the donuts, stay for the fun! The Sterling High School’s Knowledge Bowl team is in full swing.

The team, led by Coach Sally Zinn, consists of 12 SHS students. Zinn has coached Knowledge Bowl for 16 years–six at SHS and ten years at Cripple Creek. She had taken her team to the state match four times. Zinn says going is a “great experience for the students”. She personally loves watching because “it’s like a big game of jeopardy.” Her love for the trivia is why she wanted to coach in the first place.

The team is made up of eight seniors and four sophomores. Katherine Lambrecht has been on the team since she was a freshman. Lambrecht, along with her teammates, say they look forward to the donuts they have at the meets. Lambrecht’s strong subject is math.

Zach Benson is going on his second year of knowledge bowl and he is good at history questions. He especially looks forward to Theodore Roosevelt questions.

For seniors Rayna Medeles, Amanda Yetter and Abe Arguello, this is their first year of Knowledge Bowl. Arguello says he is good with a little bit of everything and Medeles is good with medical science. Her best memory is blurting out “Osama Bin Laden” at the first meet.

Josh Maggard, AKA “The Tree”, does not have a certain strong subject but has answered the most questions of the SHS team at all the meets so far.

Dawn Sonnenberg has been on the team for three years and is on Sterling’s A team. While she does not have a specific strong subject, she is good at guessing. Her best memory is when her team was in the first room for all three rounds, meaning they were at the top score-wise. Sonnenberg believes they have a great, hardworking team and they have a great chance of going to state.

On Feb. 12th, four members will compete in the regional meet in Greeley. At the last meet, the Sterling A team tied for third place. Zinn feels strongly that they will represent Sterling well.  At the regional meet, Maggard, Sonnenberg, Benson, Lambrecht and Yetter competed to go to the state match. They got fifth place and were one point away from getting to go.Knowledge Bowl 2