February’s Tiger of the Month

By Katlyn LaPorte

The male athlete of the month for February is senior Erick Krier for his four years of hard work and dedication to wrestling.

Krier was born on Aug 16, 1997. He is the son of Matt and Krista, along with his brothers Austin and Brady. They have two dogs, Brusier and Frank.

Krier maintains a 3.5 GPA. His favorite subject in school is math.

Krier is one of the four seniors on the Tiger Wrestling team this year. He also plays “futbol”- or as Americans say, soccer.

Before his matches, his ritual is to stretch, jog, stretch again and then do sprints.

“The best thing about wrestling is winning a match, and the worst thing is cutting weight,” said Krier.

His favorite high school memory was having French class with Sydney Goldenstein. His favorite wrestling memory was winning the Chadron tournament his junior year.

Krier’s overall record so far this season is 27-6.

His advice to the underclassmen wrestlers is, “win.”

He wants to give a shoutout to Brady for being the “uglier” Krier.

Krier’s favorites include the movie Talladega Nights, the book Eragon and pizza. His favorite sports are wrestling and soccer. His favorite hobby is playing Runescape.

“My idol is Noah Meraz, because look at him,” said Krier, who was with Meraz at the time of the interview.Erick Krier

“My name is Erick. The E is silent,” is his all-time favorite quote.

“My biggest supporters are Sierra and Khalie because they made me a sign, and no one has ever made me a sign,” said Krier.

Krier’s goals are to graduate high school and then attend NJC.

In 10 years he sees himself being either really successful or under a bridge being a bum and no in between.