Rachel Guernsey (2000-2016)

By Mackenzee Burkey

Rachel GuernseyRachel Marie Guernsey, age 15, passed away early Friday, Feb. 19, 2016 due to a long battle with cancer. Her long fight is now finally over and she can join the “Black Parade” like she said she would sooner or later.

Rachel was born in Sterling, Colo., on Dec. 11, 2000, to Becky and Charles Guernsey. She was such a beautiful, kind, caring and loving soul. She was known for always boosting everyone’s self-esteem by telling them simple things she saw, like how beautiful one is through her eyes. Also, she was a gifted singer with a strong love for music.  Rachel was a very strong and brave young lady that her friends looked up to. Her smile could brighten everyone’s day.  Rachel’s family and friends will always remember her band references, random messages at two in the morning, her kind comments on Facebook and her everlasting loyalty to them even through the rough times. She may have only had 15 short years here on Earth; however, she made a huge impact on the lives of everyone she met.

Rachel was survived by her parents, Becky and Charles Guernsey, brothers Ricky Guernsey and Lyle Koch, grandmother Aileene Vance, uncle Steven Nichley, along with many family members and friends.

“Maybe it isn’t the stars we are seeing in the sky; but maybe our loved ones that we lost lighting up our darkest nights with their everlasting love to tell us they’re not suffering and that they are always there in a way.”

A death at any age is never easy, but a death at this age reminds everyone that life is fragile.