76 Trombones on the Sterling Stage

   By Kayla Smithgall

The Music Man is the play being put on by Sterling High School this year. There will be three showings of the play on Apr. 7, 8 and 9 and each one will begin at 7 p.m. Admission is $7 per person.

According to junior Brittany Amador, The Music Man is about Harold Hill who makes a bad reputation for everyone in River City, IA. He scams everyone into paying him for instruments for a boys’ band he is going to organize. He plans to skip town with the money until he meets Marian Paroo and decides to stay. He then gets in trouble and gets arrested so the boys in town decide to start an actual band to help him.

“I chose to do The Music Man this year because it is a fun show to do and it uses a lot of people. It also has catchy tunes. I did this production 20 years ago and thought it was time to bring it back. Not many people know about it but it’s a classic,” said Don Johnson.

Johnson is in charge of the production of the play. After more than a decade of producing plays at SHS, this is his final huzzah.

“There is a certain bit of sadness in this being my last production but I’m leaving with a show I like to do. I feel like a senior, leaving the high school,” he said.

The students began rehersal in February and will continue to practice until April 5. They practice two times a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, from 6-8.

Junior Clifford Farrington will be playing the troublesome Harold Hill and sophomore Kori Penfold will be playing his love Marian Paroo.

“I was excited when I found out I got the lead. I can actually relate to Harold,” Farrington said. “I’m a little nervous but more confident to perform.”

Each cast members helps with the play and many help paint the set. But there are also people who help that don’t have parts in the play. The stage crew includes Karen Young, Kylee Harless, McKenna Christner, Ciara Thompson, Diana Velasques, Alexis Brower, Kyler Grippin, Mackey Burkey, Julia Ssessanga, Alex Halouska, Andrea Hahn, Jessica Guereca, Danessa Allen, Walter Johnson, Ashley Helvie, Chyenne Belt and Cathleen Romero.

Amador is in charge of the stage crew. DSCN3742[2]

“It can get overwhelming but its fun bossing people around. The play is coming along pretty alright and the painting process is better than expected,” said Amador.

“I think the play will be wonderful and I am being very biased when I say that,” said Johnson. “I think students will like it.”

Other characters include freshman Calvin Hill as Charlie Cowell, freshman Abel Bugg as Shinn, junior Christian Scott as Ewart Dunlop, sophomore Tyler Parks as Oliver Hix, junior Gabriel Deleon as Jacey Squires, freshman Richard Tomlinson as Olin Britt, junior Marshal Copley as Marcellus Washburn, sophomore Jason Morales as Tommy Djilas, freshman Brianna Willson as Mrs. Paroo, sophomore Grace Reeves as Amaryllis, Roland Strobel as Winthrop Paroo, freshman Dakota Schneider as Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn, senior Zelie Boothby as Zaneeta Shinn, freshman Molly Kenner as Gracie Shinn, senior Mariah Willson as Alma Hix, junior April Martin as Maud Dunlop, sophomore Mary Carlstedt as Ethel Toffelmier, senior Emma Coles as Mrs. Squires, senior Molly Hulse as Gertrude Hope, sophomore Mickayla Clare as Agnes Vanetta and Conductor, freshman Alexis Tate as Lucille Hatcher and sophomore Kimberly Johnson as Constable Locke. Juniors Brittany Amador, Adlur Segovis and Sevil Mamedovi, freshmen Lilly Hodge and Danessa Allen and Douglas Jones are traveling salesmen and townspeople. Junior Alex Halouska and sophomores Amarise Buanteo and Jessica Guereca are newspeople.