Ask Abby

By Abby Cross


Around this time of the year, a lot of talk is centered around prom and graduation. For me, being a junior, I’m looking forward to prom and of course graduation. It will be a very fun couple of weekends, but it will also be kind of sad. Most of my very close friends this year are seniors, including my boyfriend. Before now, our one year age difference wasn’t that big of a deal. Now, it seems huge! They are all 18 and can go to concerts all and clubs like the Grizzly Rose. I, on the other hand, as well as my other fellow “underclassmen” cannot. It’s crazy to think that in only one year, us juniors will be in the same spot as the seniors are now. Most of my friends are busy applying for scholarships and colleges. I was used to seeing them almost every night. Now, I only see them a few times a week because they are busy. It’s hard to see them so stressed about deadlines and getting accepted into the college of their dreams. It’s even harder to believe it will be me in less than a year. I definitely feel very fortunate that most of my friends are staying locally or at least in state. FB_IMG_1450371225167

I’ve talked to many other people who have said their best friends are going to school all the way across the country. Don’t get me wrong, everyone who is still in school is more than proud that our friends are succeeding and moving on to bigger and better things. It might be a little selfish of us to be sad they’re leaving but we cannot help it. The hardest part for me personally, is the fact that my boyfriend, through all of high school, is finally getting the chance to become an independent adult. When we’re together, it’s hard to remember that he is a year older than me and that he actually has responsibilities now. At the beginning of this year, just from the fact that he was a senior, was a little scary. Then, when he turned 18, it’s like he stepped into a whole new world full of bigger opportunities. It really hit me hard about a month ago when he got an acceptance letter to the college he really wanted to go to. It’s the same way with all of my other friends too. Once they started getting acceptance letters, it made it so real. Eventually,  that will be all of us. For now, all we can do is wish the best of luck to the seniors as they go on to bigger and better things. As for us, we have to hang in there; we’ll be there soon.