FBLA Members Prepare for State

By Brynn Abernathy


“State is a time for competing, networking, and putting your skills to the test,” said Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) president, Logan Kiefer. This is exactly what members of Sterling High School’s FBLA will be doing at the FBLA State Leadership Conference. Fifty-one SHS FBLA Chapter members will attend the state conference on April 14-16 in Vail, Colo. Many of the 51 members attending state placed either first or second at districts and are expected to be tough competitors at the state level.

In the weeks leading up to the state conference, the FBLA members are working hard to ensure they have the best competitions possible.

“In order to prepare for state, I personally am looking for ways to better our members’ chances of continuing their competitions at Nationals.” said Kiefer. The chapter is also preparing by taking part in practice presentations, creating professional reports and going out into the community for assistance in their projects.

“To get ready for state, we wrote a report and have been working on our presentation skills.” said senior Kylie Ross of her project with sophomore, Emory Underwood.

The FBLA State Leadership Conference is a time that many members look forward to. Not only can they present their projects at a highly competitive level, but they also get to enjoy their time on location in Vail, Colo. However, the competition is the highlight of the experience for many members.

“I’m most looking forward to seeing our members grow. When they make the stage for awards, their faces light up and it’s spectacular,” said Kiefer. “I expect our members to be very tough competitors at State this year.”FBLA