Tiger Scholar of April

By Gracie Bacon

Due to her academic and artistic abilities, Emma Coles has been selected as the student of the month for April. Coles enjoys the Harry Potter series and watching the movie Spirited Away. Coles’ favorite quote is “Every artist was once an amateur.” [by Ralph Waldo Emerson]

Coles has one brother named Chae.  She is the daughter of Shelby Nichols and David Coles. Her birthday is Nov. 14, 1997. She has a pet cat named Carlotta.


Coles’ best high school memory is “playing in the band last year at state.” Coles’ high school goal is to graduate with a GPA higher than 3.5 because her current GPA is 3.5 . Her favorite subject is English because “you get to read stories.” Her favorite teacher is Ms. Scott. Coles’ favorite class is drama “because it is fun.” She has not figured out her college plans yet but in ten years she plans to find a job she enjoys.


Coles’ advice to underclassmen is “stay focused, do your best, and realize that high school education is worth more than you know.”