Awards Season

By Abby Cross   

Awards Season: the time of year when just about everything has an awards show. They have a show about everything from music, to movies, to TV shows, to videogames.  On top of that, each topic is then broken down into different genres for each type of show. The 2016 Award’s Season kicked off January 9, with the 42nd Annual People’s Choice Awards.

A lot of us watch these shows on TV, or on the internet, but not many of us know much about them. For instance, the Golden Globe Awards was founded in 1943 and had only five categories compared to the 26 they have now. The statuettes are estimated to cost $800 each and are plated in 24-karat gold! In my opinion, for a country that is so far in debt, how can we afford to give out $20,800 worth of gold in one award show? Now if you multiply that by the 564 award shows put on throughout the year, that is over $3 million dollars a year, just on the trophies alone.

Not to mention the celebrities spend a ton of money on their outfits for each event, with almost a guarantee that they would never wear the same outfit twice. It seems to me that the celebs have a hard time with dress code, similar to high school students. In 2013, there was a mass email sent out to the attendees of the Grammy’s stating the dress code for the event. Many people were in violation of the said dress code, such as Kelly Rowland, who wore a very see-through black dress.

In the world of Music Awards there have been some phenomenal awards broken. Leanne Rimes broke the record, in 1997, for the youngest Grammy winner at the age of 14! U2 has received 22 awards; the most of any group. Michael Jackson and Santana both hold the current record, at eight, for the most Grammy’s awarded in one night. Stevie Wonder has won 22 Grammy’s for Solo Male Artist and Alison Krauss has a total of 26 awards making her the most honored Solo Female Artist.

I don’t know about anyone else, but thinking about all of the preparation that goes into these “beloved” award shows, just make my head spin. My one big question is, why do we need 546 different types of award shows? I mean, I could understand having one very large award show for each different type of genre in each category, like TV and movies, but 546, really?