Elegant Affair: The Importance of Prom

By Sevil Mamedovi

During high school years, you make so many friends and create so many memories. Years of high school are some of the most important parts of your life. Some events are very special of high school; some that you will never forget. One of these events is prom, the most important dance of high school junior and senior year.Suckers

One of the most exciting parts of prom is how you make a prom proposal, or promposal. Girls are preparing for it quite a while before the actual day. So I asked many SHS students about why prom is so special.

“Prom is special for me because it is an important paConor Alsup and Victoria Trevinort of growing up and is a sign that we are reaching the end of high school,” said Abby Davidson.

Some students had their personal reasons, like Cheyanne Bennett, “Prom is very special for me this year, because my best friends are leaving, and I will go with them,” or like Kayla Smithgall, “This is my first prom and I get to go with my best friend so it is very special. Also, the time spent getting ready for it is part of what makes it so special (finding your dress, getting your hair done, etc.).”Halie Cure and Jason Ha

“Prom is very special for me. It is one night I feel beautiful and no one can judge me, “said senior Zelie Boothby. For senior Katherine Lambrecht, “Prom is special because it’s the last school gathering that we, seniors, will all be together for until our first class reunion.” In senior Emma Coles’ opinion, “Prom is special, since it’s the time that everyone can feel like on top of the world and that anything is possible.”Gracie Bacon and Trystin Piper

As an exchange student, this is my first prom in an American high school, so it is very special for me. Learning about the prom traditions, selling suckers, finding your dress and seeing nice and creative promposals is a great experience for me. Also, prom is very special for me, because I am going there with my best friend Kayla Smithgall, who helped me so much in the process of preparation for prom. Prom at SHS is a once in a lifetime chance for me, where I can create memories that will last for years.