Girls’ Soccer Team Shoots for Goals

By Brynn Abernathy

On April 7, the Sterling High School Girls’ soccer team won their game against Frontier Academy with a score of 3-2. This brought SHS to a record of 4-4. Elise Atkins scored the winning goal as the last seconds of the game ticked away. This exciting win is exactly what the team is striving to duplicate throughout the rest of the season.

“This season I’m most looking forward to watching the girls’ teamwork and versatility grow, and of course, the good times and laughs,” said Coach Paula Etl.

imageThe team is continuing to work hard as they get farther into the season.

“To prepare for the rest of the season we are working on improving our offense and building on each game with the goal of moving forward in the play offs.” said Etl.

Despite all of the hard work, the team makes a point to have fun.

“My favorite memory from this season is team movie night,” said Emory Underwood. A memory that stands out to Etl is, “At a cold game, Hannah Carlstedt said she wanted it to snow so she could build a snowman in the goal to help block shots.”

Sophomore Sonjia Hadley says she is looking forward to, “Building team chemistry and making it to state playoffs.”

Hadley’s ultimate goal is to push her teammates so they can improve as a whole.

“We are preparing for the rest of the season by challenging each other in practice and playing with intensity,” said Hadley.

As the season continues, the team continues to work to achieve what they have their sights set on.

“Our ultimate goal as coaches is to help players reach their potential on the field and to build upon their great teamwork,” said Etl.

The SHS Girls’ soccer team has upcoming home games against Estes Park on April 24, Frontier Academy on April 26 and Scottsbluff on April 30.