SHS Competes at NJC Math and Science Competition

By Brynn Abernathy

On March 30, 2016 numerous Sterling High School students attended the Northeastern Junior College Math and Science Competition at NJC. Many other schools from the area also attended the contest. Students taking part in the contest were selected by the math and science teachers at their school.

Students competed by taking tests on a particular topic. Some of these topics included Biology, Algebra I and II, Chemistry, Geometry, and Critical Thinking. The top three scoring students in each category are given an award at a ceremony at the end of the day. Some students even compete in two of the categories they were recommended for.

At this year’s contest several SHS students came home with awards. During closing ceremony, sophomore Jacob Schroeder won first place in the Biology competition. Sophomore Christian Rose placed second in the tenth grade Critical Thinking test.  Freshman Katie Masters placed third in the Algebra 1 test and freshman Brooke Bohler came in second place for her ninth grade Critical Thinking test. All of the winners were presented with a framed certificate for their achievements.

Coordinator Paula Etl has been involved with the NJC Math and Science Competition for two years.

“I was impressed by this year’s results and with the effort and responsibility that our students showed,” said Etl. “My favorite part of the contest is seeing the students’ anticipation for who wins.”