The Cost of Prom

By Amber Antinora

$400 on a prom dress, $200 on a suit or tuxedo, $300 on a “promposal”, makeup, nails, hair, shoes, jewelry, tickets and dinner for an average grand total of $919. So, is it worth it?

In the United States, prom is a pretty big deal for most high school students. In order to feel their best, students and their parents can be expected to pay anywhere from $200 to $1,000. For the most part, they will only make a few hundred bucks back if they’re lucky enough to sell their tux or dress for a fraction of what they bought it for.Erick Krier and Alexis Rutz-Egan

When thinking about the cost of prom, it is hard to ignore all the seemingly unnecessary expenses. Spray tans, professional photography, limousine or car rentals, “promposals”, a bag and a fancy dinner are sure to add at least a few hundred more dollars to the night.

When seeing what each person tends to pay for, it definitely seems as if there is some gender-specific expectations. The guy tends to pay for the his suit of course, the food, tickets, and feel obligated to “look fancy” and drive something nice, which according to Conor Alsup is a moped. The girls seem to pay for the dress, nails, accessories and other cosmetic things, and feels obligated to “act appropriate,” specifically no “dirty dancing” or alcohol.

While some people get dresses for up to $500, senior Josie Blagg got her 2015 prom dress at Enchanted Dreams here in Sterling for free. She said she felt good about herself: “I love myself, no matter what I’m dressed in.” Junior Gabrielle Deleon wore a suit last year, costing around $80, but this year she says that she will feel more comfortable in a dress. “Wearing what I want at prom reflects who I am.”

Prom is what you make it. It might sound like a lot of fun and totally worth spending hundreds on or it might not. The important part is wearing, spending, and acting a way that is personally comfortable. And of course, having a great night with friends.