April’s Tigress of the Month

By Sydney Goldenstein

Because of her dedication to soccer and school, the female athlete of the month for April is senior Hannah Carlstedt.

Carlstedt was born on March 13, 1998. Her parents are Amy and Eric, and her siblings are Mary and Sam. They have three dogs; Dakotah, Chance and Nash.

She has maintained a 3.4 GPA throughout high school.

Carlstedt usually plays right midfield, but this year she has also played goalie.

“As a pre-game ritual, I like to listen to music, and my pre-game playlist isn’t even pump up songs, it’s actually music that calms be down because I get really nervous before games,” said Carlstedt.

Her favorite sports memory was doing “3 vs. 3” soccer this summer; her team made it to nationals and it brought her closer to her teammates.

Her favorite high school memory was her senior year in general.

“I’ve had tons of fun and I have done it with my favorite people by my side,” said Carlstedt.

“The worst thing about soccer is I hate running, but in average a soccer player runs 7 miles in a game, so we condition at practice a lot,” said Carlstedt. “I love my teammates and the fun we have. The best thing is the feeling of winning, especially a very challenging game.”

Carlstedt’s best game was this season in the Frontier Academy game when the Tiger’s won 3-2.

“The first time we played Frontier Academy, we lost 6-0, so beating them felt great and showed how much we have improved,” said Carlstedt.

Her goals for soccer are to make it to state and do her best in every game.

“I definitely expect to make it to state this year,” said Carlstedt. “We are ranked ninth in the state right now, and I’m positive we can win the rest of our games in regular season before state. I at the least want my team to make it to semifinals this year.”

“My confidence boost is winning a soccer game that I personally played well in; it always makes me feel very happy and confident,” said Carlstedt.

Her best advice to underclassmen is to work hard, listen to your coaches and upperclassmen, and you will get where you want to be.Hannah Carlstedt

Some of Hannah’s favorite things include the movie She’s the Man, the book Anything by Cassandra Clare, the T.V. shows Grey’s Anatomy and New Girl. When asked what her favorite food was, she answered, “Kylie Ross’s mom’s chicken tacos,” and added that she made them for her birthday this year because she knows they’re Hannah’s favorite.

Her biggest role model and inspiration is Carli Lloyd from the woman’s national soccer team.

“She is an amazing soccer player, and an amazing leader,” said Carlstedt. “And we can both score goals from midfield.”

“My goals for high school is to graduate with good grades, despite the fact that senioritis hit me like a train this semester, and I also want to participate in an amazing senior prank,” said Carlstedt.

“Shout out to Kyndall Feather for working her butt off this season to the point where our coaches trust her enough to put her in for me in some games, because I prefer to play right midfield.”

She plans on attending Doane University next fall and majoring in Pre-Nursing Bio, and will also play D2 soccer.

“In ten years I will be out of college with the career I want, and possibly be starting a family,” said Carlstedt.

“Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become and the hours of practice and the coaches who have pushed you is the little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back… Play for her” is her all-time favorite quote.