Foreign Language Goes Online

By: Gracie Bacon

In the 2016-2017 school years, a new foreign language class will begin; Rosetta Stone will be introduced to the students of Sterling High School.

“Students will be allowed to learn other languages besides Spanish and French if they choose to,” stated Principal Beardsley.

Foreign language teacher Sally Zinn offered her opinion about the new changes.Sally Zinn

“Our students want to learn the language and the meanings of the culture behind the language, not just to speak it. I think our students are going to lose interest in foreign languages. We cannot afford the loss of foreign language for the future,” she said.

The other foreign language teacher, Cheryl Rael, also expressed her opinion on the new transformation.

“There is a reason we are switching to our foreign language department to Rosetta Stone. We have to make some budget cuts and Rosetta Stone will help. If our students have a good attitude about Rosetta Stone and put in what they want out of it, there is no doubt in my mind that they won’t succeed. Rosetta Stone is going to challenge the students, which is what they need. Rosetta Stone is programmed to prepare our students for the work force. Cheryl RaelI have no idea how Rosetta Stone is going to work because it is new to me. As a proctor for Rosetta Stone, I am training in the fall to see how it works and to be prepared. I will not know how this new program will benefit our students until next year,” she said.

Sophomore Rachael Northup voiced her opinion over the change.

“I am excited about Rosetta Stone because I get the opportunity to learn another language besides Spanish and French. I am not too certain about how the grammar is going to get worked in to Rosetta Stone so I cannot wait to see how it will work. I feel like Rosetta Stone is a more specialized challenge so it can challenge me at my level. Rosetta Stone will allow me to learn at my own pace and will allow me to get more knowledge on the language.”