Ideas Collide at the Great American Debate

By Gracie Bacon

On Thursday, May 12 2016, Ian Blake’s Speech class debated on unusual subjects during eighth hour.IMG_2687

Senior Erick Krier won his debate against Senior Zane Powell on a counter argument on the legalization of prostitution.

Krier gave his thoughts about the debate.

“I think it was pretty fun. I didn’t show up to a lot of the research days. All-in-all it was a fun experience working on the debate. This class was a fun class. What helped Zane and I decide our topic most was Mr. Blake. He told us “Go big or go home”. My proposition on this project was going against the legalization of prostitution. I liked speaking in front of the crowd because it made it much more fun. You got to see other people’s reactions and it made me not as nervous compared to a bigger crowd,” he said.

Powell also expressed his thoughts on the debate.

“I liked the debate because I like getting up in front of people and speaking my mind. The subject Erick and I came up with was kind of a wow factor. We asked Mr. Blake if we could do the topic of legalized prostitution and he said “Well it is not on the list of banned topics but it might be next year.” Since Erick was fighting against the prostitution, I fought for it. The debate was fun for me because I love speaking in front of crowds,” he said.IMG_2677

Senior Trystan Piper also gave his opinion over the debate.

“I thought it was really cool how we got to actually do a real debate in this class. Brandon Galvin, Zach Albright, Luis Rojas, Raúl Sanchez and I chose our topic over a real life topic and a hot topic. I thought that speaking in front of a crowd was fun and easy to do. Brandon, Zach and I were the affirmatives for a wall on the border in this debate,” he said.

Junior Luis Rojas also gave his input on the debate. “I did not really like doing the debate. I did not like talking in front of people so the debate was kind of uncomfortable for me,” he said.

Senior Emily Rutherford also voiced her outlook on the debate, “I liked how this class and this project helped me learn how to speak better in front of people. It was truly a great experience! I don’t really know how we chose our subject, if I’m honest. I was for the designer babies in this debate. At first, I was a little nervous to speak in front of a crowd, but when I started debating, I forgot about the crowd and had a lot of fun.”