May’s Tiger of the Month

By Sydney Goldenstein


In recognition of his senior baseball career, the male athlete of the month for May is Noah Meraz.

Meraz was born on August 20, 1997.

His parents are Denise and Gilbert Meraz, and he has two siblings, Adrian and Angela. They have two dogs, Howdy and Bo.

Despite his commitment to baseball, Meraz maintains a 3.1 GPA.

Noah Meraz“My favorite subject is Brad’s (Hessler) class, it’s the only class that teaches you things you can apply in real life,” said Meraz.

Meraz is number five in the outfield. He has played baseball for eight years, 2 years in high school.

His pre-game ritual is to ask “Burk” (junior Austin Burkholder) what time it is.

“The best thing about baseball is Burk,” said Meraz. “The worst is Austin Nelson.”

His favorite sports memory was state golf his junior year; it was home and they won.

When asked what his best game of the season was, Meraz replied, “all of them.”

One of Meraz’s personal records was having the most consecutive batters hits his freshman year.

His advice to underclassmen is, “First, it dingers. Second, be like Matt Wheeler.”

Some of Meraz’s favorite things include Subway, the movie Django, the series Percy Jackson, and the T.V. show Supernatural. His favorite sport is golf, famous athlete is John Cena, and his hobbies include ‘destiny, destiny, and destiny.’

Meraz’s favorite quote is “what would Kaiser do?”

His role model and inspiration are both Erick Krier, “because of his attitude and stunningly good looks,” added Meraz.

“My confidence boost is waking up every morning, looking in the mirror, and realizing I’m not Todd, and that drives me through the day,” said Meraz.

His biggest supporter is Laci Burtard, who never misses a game.

“Shoutout to Alonso Meraz, keep it real,” said Meraz.

His goal for high school is to graduate without paying for his Composition class.

He plans on attending NJC for two years.

In 10 years, Meraz sees himself “stuck in Sterling.”