SHS Welcomes New Teachers

By Kirsten Hernandez

This year SHS welcomes 10 new teachers to the building. With teachers coming to teach for their first year to teachers who have been teaching for many years, all are welcomed.
lamorieRisa Lamorie is the new band teacher. This is Lamorie’s first year teaching.

When asked why she wants to teach at SHS she replied, “I was really drawn to the sense of community and pride that exists here. It’s exciting to be part of something with so much tradition as well as a very bright future.”

“I am a teacher because for me, music is a place where I find confidence in myself. It pushes me to learn new things all the time, and it gives me a passion that drives me to live fearlessly. I hope to inspire people to find that place in music too,” she said.

Lamorie grew up in Pueblo West, Colorado. Her favorite part about teaching is “building relationships with students, having fun and making music.”

Lamorie’s number one goal for this year is to grow, get better and learn a lot so that she can become the teacher that SHS band students deserve.

smart Tyler Smart is the new weight lifting teacher. This is his second year of teaching. Smart moved to Sterling to teach at SHS and to help improve fitness.

Smart’s number one reason for wanting to become a teacher is “to promote longevity.”

Smart grew up in and graduated from Wheatland, Wyoming. Smart’s favorite part about teaching is helping someone become successful.

Smart’s goal for this year is to improve the overall well-being of SHS.

jones Sandra Jones is the new English I and III teacher. Jones has been teaching for five official years and 20 unofficial years, saying her main reason for becoming teacher is “to show teenagers that someone cares and to help students understand English and literature more and in a positive light.”

Jones’s favorite part about being a teacher is getting to know her students.

Her number one goal for the school year is, “to help each student either find a story they really enjoy or help them learn something they hadn’t understood before.”

A fun fact about Jones is she has visited all 50 states before she was 20 and taught ballet, tap, jazz and Hawaiian dances. Jones has five kids and three grandkids.

harper Dustin Harper is the new art fundamentals, graphic design, digital video production and Studio Art II III and IV teacher. She moved to Sterling because,“I was ready to come back to the United States and a friend told me that Colorado would be a great choice for me and my husband and I, considering our interests and lifestyle.”

Harper has been teaching for a total of 10 years. She grew up in a small town in Iowa with 13 stop signs and no stop lights.

“So having a Walmart in town is a big deal,” she said.

Harper said, “I became a teacher because hanging out with the teenagers keeps me young and ensures that my vocabulary, fashion and music tastes remain current and relevant. #DownWithDaKidz….. No really, I enjoy seeing them have fun in art and help them enjoy school. It’s another subject that they can carry with them the rest of their life (and I secretly hope that they will come back and say hello someday).”

Harper’s favorite part about teaching art is “when everyone finds their groove in their own projects, and they can come in and work the entire 90 minutes, enjoy music, and just step back from the world and enjoy their time.”

Harper’s goal for the year is to start a teacher vs. student dodgeball game.
Christian Robles, one of the new math teachers at SHS, has been selected as the teacher of the month for September. Read the story here:


The Bengal Cry staff welcomes all of the new teachers to SHS.