Teacher of September

By Kirsten Hernandez

The teacher of the month for September is Christian Robles, one of the new math teachers at SHS. Robles teaches upper level math like college algebra, pre calculus, trigonometry, basic math and statistics.

Robles said, “I came to SHS because I was told I was going to work with excellent students that were taking upper level math classes, and that got to me.” Robles has been teaching for 10 years, six of which he taught at a high school level and the other four he taught as a part time college professor.robles

“I fell in love with teaching the first time I got to teach an undergraduate course at the university I was working for. It was so cool to be in front, teaching about what I know,” he said.

Robles’s favorite part about being a teacher is teaching students new information.

Robles said, “My main goal this year is to help students get the skills they need to survive life after high school, whether they go to college or not.” He grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which is where he got most of his education. Outside of school Robles enjoys going out, exploring the outdoors, going to the movies and eating at different restaurants. I am a freak on Netflix and Hulu. I don’t have any pets, although I think I’m old enough to take in the responsibility”. His favorite holiday is the Fourth of July because of the fireworks.