Tiger Scholar of September

By Ethan Robinson


For her outstanding diligence as a student and band drum major for three years of high school, Kinzi Kaiser is named the Tiger Scholar of September.

A defining characteristic of her school spirit is that Kaiser is a Sterling native.

“I’m really close to my extended family. My cousins and I have grown up together and they’re all some of my best friends as well,” she said.

Kaiser also has a “weenie dog” named Molly, and maintains a 3.6 GPA.

“I’m a psychology geek and I really enjoy reading books on how the brain works,” she also said.

Ms. Lamorie is her favorite teacher.

“I have only known her for a short time but she is already so willing to help me out with my college auditions,” she exclaimed.

“In my free time, I’m mostly practicing my instrument (because college auditions are super stressful!) and when I’m not practicing, I’m likely hanging out with my friends,” she said.

When asked what her plans after high school were, Kaiser professed, “After high school, I plan on going to college to major in music education with a minor in mathematics. I hope to graduate with over 35 college credits so I can get my bachelor’s degree.”

“My best high school memory was the band trip to San Antonio last spring break. I hadn’t been out of the state since first grade before that, so it was really nice to take a break from Colorado for a week.”

The Tiger Scholar also characterizes herself as her own role model for motivation. Kaiser believes in the words of Richard Wagner, “Imagination creates reality.”

    As a last statement, Kaiser explained, “This is my favorite quote because really, every man-made thing on this planet was someone’s thought first. Without imagination, our society would be nowhere.”