October’s Tigress of the Month

By Katlyn LaPorte

On deck for October’s Tigress of the month is four year varsity softball player and senior Taylor Knudson.

Knudson was born on Dec. 18, 1998 to her parents Bob and Carrie Knudson. She has two older sisters, Rachelle and Jenna. Her dad, is the coach of the Sterling High School softball team and really pushes her to do her best.

Knudson has been playing softball for as long as she can remember. Knudson plays the position of pitcher.

“The best part of softball is the thrill of throwing a strikeout pitch,” said Knudson. “The worst part of playing softball is losing.”taylor-knudson

“My favorite memory is being regional champs and making it to state all four years,” exclaimed Knudson.

Knudson’s goal for this season is to win state.     Knudson also competes in high school basketball and has played varsity all four years for basketball as well. She also hopes to win state this year in basketball.

She lives by the quote, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”

Her biggest supporters when it comes to sports are her family.

Although Knudson is a great athlete, she is also great when it comes to academics. She maintains a 3.9 GPA along with playing sports year round. Her favorite subject in school is English.

Playing sports are among her favorite hobbies. Her favorite food is spaghetti, and the holiday she loves the most is Christmas.

“My favorite memory from high school is Ms. Howard telling the story of being attacked by a monkey in speech class sophomore year,” said Knudson.

Knudson wants to give a shout out to Brooke Polenz for always being there for her in softball the past three seasons they have played together.

The advice Knudson wants to give to underclassmen is to “enjoy the little things because it goes by fast.”