Tiger Scholar of October

By Kirsten Hernandez

Will Couchenour, a senior at SHS, is October’s Tiger Scholar. Couchenour has worked hard for the last four years and hopes to graduate with a 3.7 GPA and as many college credits possible. After high school, Couchenour plans to attend Nazarene University. He wants to pursue a career in either teaching or engineering.will-couchenour

10 years from now he sees himself graduated from college and working as either a teacher or a engineer.

Couchenour’s advice for underclassmen is, “Do not procrastinate!” Couchenour said, “It may seem like a good idea and that it won’t affect you, but it just makes you fall further behind in school.”

Couchenours favorite high school memory is when he moved to Sterling from Michigan and a student name Neil Bergman introduced him and helped him  as he started school at SHS. Couchenour’s favorite subject in school is history.

His role model is his dad. He said, “My dad has always been there for me and has shown me the ropes.”

In school Couchenour enjoys participating in football. He said, “I really enjoy playing football even though I get hurt a lot.”

Couchenour’s favorite teacher that he’s had throughout school is his fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Wescott. He said, “She is who helped me get into the advanced classes.”

Some fun facts about Couchenour is that his favorite food is bananas, his favorite book series is Second Hand Alliance and his favorite movie series is Unfortunate Events. Couchenour has a pet dog named Cooper.
Couchenour’s favorite quote is, “I am nobody and nobody is perfect so therefore  I am perfect.”