SHS Participates in CSU Math Day

By Kayla Smithgall

On Nov. 7, 13 SHS students travelled to Fort Collins to compete at the Colorado State University (CSU) Math Day.

The 13 students included senior Abigail Davidson, juniors Cherie Bell and Ons Laroussi, sophomores Maggie Alsup, Brooklynn Bohler, Ian Cone, Greyson Dudley, Adam Hernandez, Reid Kaiser, Katie Masters, Mark Sharpe and Jessica Swanson and freshman Sharon Kim.

Christian Robles was a math coach; Kayla Sherman was a co-coach and CSU Liaison (communicator) and Marilyn Fehringer was the head of the Math Department.

The students competed in the Math Day for various reasons.

“I wanted the experience of something new. I also went because of the fact that I would experience a higher level of math thinking and problems,” said Cone.

“I thought it would be interesting to see our skill level compared to other schools out there. Also, to see what kind of people I’m competing against for scholarships,” said Masters.csu-math-day

Kim participated because she loves math.

“It was such a good experience to meet lots of people who also love math,” she said.

According to Fehringer, the day began with the students taking a Problems Requiring Original and Brilliant Effort (PROBE) test in competition for CSU math scholarships.

“The test was about 10 questions long. It challenged what we knew and we had an hour to do it. I think I did pretty well on it. It wasn’t too terribly hard but there were some problems that required more thinking than others,” said Swanson.

“About half of the questions I understood and think I did okay on but the other half were more challenging and I’m not so sure I did too good on those,” said Masters.

After the test, some of the students participated in a head-to-head three-person team tournament at 11 a.m.

SHS had two teams in the tournament. Team A consisted of Dudley, Sharpe and Kim and team B consisted of Bell, Laroussi and Kaiser.

The tournament consisted of a total of eight rounds.

Team A made it to round two.


According to Fehringer, team B “killed” round two and round three, which should have put them at the top of eight teams in “small school competition.” Team B made it to round four.

“My favorite part of the day was the team test. It was like a survival competition and it was FUN,” said Kim.

Aside from competing, the students also had a chance to tour the college’s campus with Sherman.

It was Swanson’s favorite part of the day.

“I’m definitely more interested in CSU now then I was before,” she said.

Many of the students had a goal of having fun and enjoying the day.

“My goal was just to have fun. Since it was the first year Sterling competed we had little preparation time, and there were no goals or expectations to meet,” said Cone.

The students enjoyed the day and would do it again, but with more preparation.

“I am extremely proud of these young people for representing SHS very well for our first year at this event,” said Fehringer.