Teacher of November

By Kirsten Hernandez

Nelson Schroeder, SHS U.S. history and Financial literacy teacher is November’s teacher of the month. Schroeder became a teacher because of his love for kids and the subject.

As a teacher this year Schroeder hopes to get his students excited about learning and help them better themselves. Schroeder started as a geography teacher then became the civics teacher and is now the U.S. history teacher.

Schroeder said, “My favorite part about being a teacher is interacting with my students and sharing my passion with them. I try to make my class interesting and use stories as illustrations.

Schroeder said, “I don’t have a single favorite memory. It’s when I get to see my students being successful a few years down the road, and they say to me that they enjoyed my class.”

Schroeder with exchange student Amela Nevaljalovic holding the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina after a presentation of her country.

Schroeder became a high school teacher because of the age group, he said, “I became a teacher at the high school level because I enjoy this age group, they most often are more mature and learn faster. With high school students you get a chance to look at the subject more in depth.”

Schroeder has always wanted to become a teacher, he said, “My former teachers have really influenced me to become a teacher myself. They modeled to me what it’s like to be a good teacher. They really connected with me not just as a student but as a person. I try to make my classroom a place where everyone can be comfortable and be themselves.”

Schroeder estimates that he has taught 20 teachers within the district including Brad Hessler, Sarah Wernsman and Laura Clark from the high school, he said, “Having taught these now teachers it’s really cool to see them be successful, but at times it weird and makes me feel old. It takes time for them to rid the habit of calling me Mr. Schroeder but eventually they adjust”

Schroeder’s role models are former teachers, he said, “My former choir and social studies teacher were like father figures for me, they made me feel important. As a kid I was always a misfit and they always made me feel important.”

Outside of school Schroeder enjoys spending time with his family, reading, music and playing his guitar. Schroeder enjoys reading nonfiction and biographies, his favorite books are Teaching to Change Lives by Howard Hendricks and Was God on Vacation? by Jack Van Der Geest.

Schroeder graduated for the University of Northern Colorado with his teaching degree. He grew up in Philadelphia until 1982 when he moved to Colorado.

Schroeder’s favorite holiday is Christmas, he said, “On Christmas my whole family get’s together and we eat Christmas dinner, after we eat, we all sit around the table telling stories.”

Schroeder has two pets, a cat named Atticus and a dog named Taz. His cat is named after Atticus Finch from the book To Kill a Mockingbird and his dog is named after the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Toon’s.

Overall as a teacher Schroeder said, “I hope that my students will take away the lesson that your circumstances don’t dictate your outcome and that you can never have too much education.”