“SpArts”–The Struggle Between Sports vs. Arts

by Micheal Kenner

School districts always have to choose sports or arts. Both are important but which one is better. In my opinion I think sports is taking over everything and art needs more recognition. If either of them get cut the students could just do it at home or make a club instead of relying on the school district.

Students in Lisa Schumacher's class run laps.
Students in Lisa Schumacher’s class run laps.

If the school board get rid of art many people will be devastated. Tawny Atencio senior of Sterling high school said, “If they got rid art I would be livid and crushed.” She also said, “I would be nothing without it.” But Tawny isn’t alone many other people said they would move to another school or even protest. Like Chelsea Raffurty sophomore of Sterling High School, said, “I would flip out and try to move to a different district.”

It’s not just the students that are affected by the cuts, Ms.Scott art teacher at sterling high school said, “Kid would drop out and be less fun, and creativity is the main thing that bosses look for.” Scott also said, “I raise money to pay for the supplies so if they cut art they are paying is me.”

There are always people that like both sports and arts, like Adam Hernandez sophomore sa

Students create pottery in Chelsea Scott's ceramics class.
Students create pottery in Chelsea Scott’s ceramics class.

id, “I would be disappointed.” But he did say that he would exercise on his own, he also said, “Art always comes before sports.”

Bailey Rausch, junior of Sterling High, said, “If they took out sports I would protest and go to the board.” But she also said that she would focus more on classes and business if both art and sports were cut off.

Everybody has a good point but it seems that people will fight to keep a program up or even drop out to go to another school that does have the program. On the other hand people would have exercised, played their instrument or drew outside of school or just did nothing. What is my opinion you ask? Well I think that art should stay if they are getting rid of one. If they get rid of a sport the coach will still have a job if they get rid of art Scott will lose her job and any other art teacher. Plus all the students will lose from cutting it.