The Season of Finals

by Amarise Buanteo

As we all know, as the holidays come, so does the stress and pain of finals. Over the past years, our school hasn’t really done anything around the holidays to incorporate the holiday spirit. Many people love the holidays and what it comes with such as decorating, the songs, the happiness, but most importantly being stress-free. Nobody stresses when holidays are near unless its financial stress. Many kids from different gave ideas to what more could the school do and how this relieves them from the stress of finals.
Freshman Adrain Aguirre, had some great answers when he was interviewed about this stressful yet fun time.
Aguirre answered with, “I do enjoy how the school incorporates the holidays because it helps relieve your stress from all the studying.” Many of the holidays festivities actually do help students relieve their stress from the finals. img_2171
Aguirre answered with, “Yes, because it helps students have a little fun and relieve themselves from studying all the time.”  
Freshman, Hannah Fleckenstein
Fleckenstein answered with, “I think they should do almost like a secret Santa thing like with the advisory class or something.”
Fleckenstein answered with, “Yes. I love Christmas decorations.” Many of the students were very happy with the decorating of their advisory doors.
Sophomore, Jasmine Renteria answered with, “That winter break is right around the corner.” I mean that’s what is getting me through the finals also.
Renteria answered with, “I like it. It’s cute and I love it. I’ll do it every year.” I think everyone would do this every year if the school allowed us to.
Sophomore Adam Hernandez, is part of Student Council but had some things to say about the holidays being incorporated. Hernandez had answered with “Yes I like both ideas. They are making things more festive.”
Hernandez answered with “Yes I like both contests. Maybe think of more ideas in the future.” I think that it would be a lot of fun in the future to have more holiday themed contest.

Adam Hernandez dons a "jolly" suit before final exams.
Adam Hernandez dons a “jolly” suit before final exams.


Kimberlee Johnson takes part in the "Ugly Sweater Day" festivities.
Kimberlee Johnson takes part in the “Ugly Sweater Day” festivities.

Junior Kimberlee Johnson,  is a Christmas enthusiast and is obsessed with anything Christmas.
Johnson answered with “Uh yeah! Because it would be awesome. It takes a lot of street off people. Unless you’re not Christmas crazy like I am.”  She answered with “Yeah it is fun if we did more Christmas things. It would be awesome. Like a pajama day would be so much fun. Or maybe even a Christmas play, not like madrigal dinner, but an actual play.”
That would be interesting maybe we should talk to Mrs.Lambrecht about doing one with the drama class.
Junior Shelby Houser, had many things to say when I had a chance to interview her about the school’s way of incorporating holidays.
Houser answered with “Yeah I think we should do a holiday week. I want an activity, games or crafts everyday. Teachers should pass out candy.”
She answered with “Knowing Christmas is almost here. Because Christmas is fun. Also knowing I get to travel for Christmas this year.”
If I was traveling, I would be just as excited.
As we all know this is very new to have the holidays incorporated in our school. So when I asked some of our seniors about how they feel they had some pretty great answers. Senior, Gabrielle Deleon,  was very detailed about this year’s finals season.
Deleon answered with “To live in the moment I’m not worried until the time comes.”
She answered with “I think we should’ve had more than one contest. We should’ve has a week of Christmas such as spirit week.”img_2169
I’m gonna have to agree with that one I mean how cool work it be too have just one whole week full of Christmas things to do.
The other senior that I had a chance to interview also had a lot to say about the holidays being incorporated into the school this year. Senior, Aby Aguirre, had some great answers and even though this is her last year, she still gave some great ideas for the next years.
Aguirre answered with “Yeah it doesn’t make school seem so boring and dull. It starts to make it feel more like Christmas.”
She answered with “The joy that break is coming soon and that we are halfway done through our senior year.”
For many of the seniors their school year is halfway done so many of them are excited to finally leave. Though some are sad because they leave behind all of their memories that they have made over the past four years, it’s nice that the school was able to do something their last year of high school before they left for good.
Not only are high school students stressed out but so are college students. Finals are something that everyone stresses, over especially since many of them are worth a lot of your grade. It is nice though, knowing that when the last final is done and you put your pencil down and turn in your paper, you know that you have this nice long break after it’s over. Over the past few years the school never really incorporated anything that had to do with the holidays, which is really sad because many people love the holidays and many people find it as a stress reliever. Many of the students that I had interviewed all said the same thing, that incorporating the holidays and having these fun contest actually does take their stress off of finals. It also gives some students a break from studying and being able to enjoy the holiday season. I think that the school should actually do more things with the holiday season. What people don’t realize is that they actually don’t stress as much when they have something holiday- related. It’s  like a small break before our actual Christmas break. I think that many of the students had some great ideas for more contest, in the future. I mean yeah this year’s ideas were great but there is so much that comes with the holidays that we could do. I think that  Student Council or whoever should do this and every year and have a lot more to do so we aren’t so stressed with the finals. I love the holiday season  when I was told all about the contest that we were gonna do this year I couldn’t help but be excited. I love Christmas and everything that comes with it, so maybe we should convince someone in the school that we should do this every year because it helps students be less stressed. It’s like a free stress reliever we need to not always be stressed every year for finals. I think that as a school we should come together and have a vote on what to do every year. It is the school that actually participates in the contest so we should come and do something new every year because it is fun and brings us together as a school.img_2159