Tiger Scholar of December

By Kirsten Hernandez


Ty Wilterdink, a senior at SHS, has been selected as the Tiger scholar for December. Wilterdink has a current GPA of 3.8. After high school Wilterdink plans to attend the University of Northern Colorado and major in software engineering.

Wilterdink said, “In ten years, I hope that I have a good paying job that I enjoy and that will allow me to provide for my family.”

Wilterdink chose to major in software engineering, because he has always enjoyed working with computers. He also chose this career because of the fact that software engineering has a good job outlook in the future. In school, Wilterdink has participated in football all four years. Wilterdink commented that his years playing football would have to be his favorite high school memory. Wilterdink’s favorite subject in school is math.

He said, “Math has always been pretty easy for me and I enjoy it.”

His favorite high school teacher is Brad Hessler.

He said, “He taught my engineering technology class and he made the class really fun.”

Some of Wilterdink’s hobbies include football, video games and hunting. “My Biggest role model is my dad,” he said, “because he has always been a hard working man who has tried as hard as he can.”

If given the opportunity to go back in time and do high school over, Wilterdink said, “I wouldn’t do anything different because what I have done has led me to where I am today. And I am happy where I am today.”

Wilterdink’s favorite quote is, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” by Mark Twain.

Some fun facts about Wilterdink are he has three sisters, his favorite book series is the Hunger games, his favorite movie is the Longest Yard and his favorite food is chicken.

Wilterdink’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because, “It’s a time where my family gets together and has a good time.”

Although Wilterdink is graduating this year he still has a piece of advice to help the underclassmen become successful in high school.

“My advice to the underclass is to study and pay attention in class. It’s amazing how easy school can be if you could just shut up and pay attention in class,” he said.