Teacher of January

By Amarise Buanteo

Robert Busmente, Sterling High school government and world geography
teacher is January’s teacher of the month. He has been teaching for 15 years, with the
end of the this year marking 16 years. Busmente is also the high school’s football
This year Busmente as a teacher hopes to help kids have a better understanding
of the subject. He really wants to see his kids be successful and he wants to help them
get there. He is really trying to help students grow as individual’s and go through the
“Teaching in general, in high school just interested me,” Busmente said. “I also
was interested in coaching, so when I was in school I saw some of my teachers were
coaches and teachers so I was able to ask them. I liked how they were able to do both,
and they were good with kids as teachers. I don’t know why here. There was a job
opening and I grew up here.”
Busmente had a hard time just choosing one favorite part about teaching.
He said, “Interacting with kids. Being around them. Seeing them grow as
individuals and help them out.”
Busmente also had a hard time choosing one favorite memory as a teacher, but
when he choose one he said, “There are a lot of things I remember. When I found out I
got my job. I was on my own finally. I wasn’t a student teacher. You never stop
succeeding or failing you just keep going.”
Outside of school Busmente enjoys being a dad, traveling and spending time
with his family and friends. Also something that most students don’t know is that
Busmente enjoys doing is scuba diving.
Busmente enjoys reading many different types of books. The books that he
enjoys reading the most are political, historical and character coaching books. He reads
many different type of books but those are the ones that he enjoys reading the most.
Busmente’s favorite holiday would probably be Christmas. He enjoys Christmas
because the traditions that he has with his family and wife. He also enjoys Christmas
because his family comes down.
Busmente likes all types of foods, though his favorite foods are Asian and Indian
Busmente had many inspirations for why he wanted to become a teacher. He
watched most of his teachers in high teach but also coaches. He wanted to be able to
coach and also teach because he wanted to help his students succeed. He likes
coaching the football team because he used to play football in high school. He didn’t
really know why he wanted to teach here at SHS. There was simply job opening and he
grew up here. He was happy when he first found out he got the job as a teacher.
Busmente was happy he was finally able to do something on his own. He wasn’t the
helper anymore; he was able to have his own time with the students and teach them the
way he wanted too.