Tiger Scholar of January

By Hannah Mildenberger

January’s Tiger Scholar is Senior Lauren Zimmerman, because of her outstanding academic achievements. Her GPA is 3.38.

Zimmerman is a member of HOSA, which is a group that focuses on preparing its members for medical careers. However, some of her hobbies include drawing and she used to play volleyball.

Zimmerman’s favorite subject in school is English, stating “I have always liked stories and enjoyed writing.”

Despite her favorite subject being English, her favorite teacher is Brad Hessler who teaches most of the tech classes.

“He’s funny. Easy to talk to and he helps out his students a lot,” she said.lauren-zimmerman

Zimmerman plans on attending Northeastern Junior College for two years, but does not know what she going to study while she is there. She is thinking about majoring in nutrition, since it is an interest of hers.

When asked where she saw herself  in 10 years, Zimmerman said, “Hopefully living in my own house with a good job and a family.”

As a piece of advice for underclassmen who plan on graduating high school, she said, “Focus on your studies. Don’t let yourself down and don’t get sidetracked, but do your best. If I could go back in time, I would straighten up and study more. I didn’t do anything freshman year.”

“My role model is my dad. He raised me to be the best person that I could be and because of him, I have a lot of morals and values,” she said.

Zimmerman’s favorite book series is The Hunger Games and her reason being, “because is a cool series.”

Her favorite movie is The Breakfast Club.

Her favorite holiday is Christmas.

She said, “Christmas is my favorite holiday, because I like spending time with my family and my friends. I like the decorations and the holiday has a good feel to it. It makes me feel happy when it comes around.”

If she could live anywhere in the world, she said, “On a small island called Bora Bora which is a South Pacific Island. It is a small, tropical island in the middle of nowhere.”

Last but not least, if she were given three wishes that would be given to her exactly how she wanted, with no strings attached, she said, “I would ask for my dream job, a decent amount of money and either a mansion or a nice car.”