Hibernation and Hijinx: SHS Students Dig into Winter Break

By Amela Nevaljalovic and Michael Kenner

Christmas break was very relaxed and stress free this year. Local high schoolers relaxed enjoying their break from papers, books and pens, replacing them with pillows, blankets and family.  Many students were interviewed about their Christmas break. December is usually everybody’s favorite month and mostly because of holidays such as Christmas or New Years Eve. Students look forward to winter break and those two weeks off. No school, no homework, no nothing that involves books or studying.

Lot of kids spend their vacation differently. Some go to another State or even abroad while others stay at home and just make up all the sleep they can. Sterling High students also have their own way of spending Christmas break and they have decided to share with us how it is they have spent their holidays and vacation.

What we found out is that a lot of students spent their vacation either in another state, country or another city of their own state. Of course, there were a  lot of those who spent it at home with family or with their grandparents who live in the same town.

Senior  Clifford Farrington local wizarding enthusiast had an adventurous Christmas break but still had time to relax with family. “I ate a lot of cheesecake on my birthday.” Farrington also said, “My tree was topped with an angel.” He also said, “I found an igloo while I was walking around it was pretty cool.”

Junior Shelby Houser spent her Christmas holidays in Greenville, Missouri. Although it was a very long trip – 14 hours of driving,  she enjoyed it very much and had a lot of fun with her dog in the car. She spent  Christmas at her grandparents’ house and she told us that she had gotten a lot of cool gifts.  Then after four days spending there, her family and her went to visit her uncle and aunt in Park Hills.

“It was so great because all of us got a chance to shoot our new shotguns and got to ride in their buggy,” said Houser.  “Unfortunately we had to go back to Colorado but for New Years we went to my aunts’ house in Atwood and stayed there.”10

Junior Bodie Hume spent his Christmas break at home like many people.

“I spent a lot of time at home with family.” said Bodie, “I got a new bed because I needed a longer one.”

Junior and exchange student, Mona Aunjai told us that for the holidays she went to Yuma and after that she stayed for the rest of the break in Sterling.  She said that she had learned a lot about American traditions and values and that she wishes they do these kind of things back in Thailand. She also  mentioned that winter breaks in Thailand lasts longer. “It usually starts in October until Novemeber and it is about three weeks, but then after we also have a New Year break which lasts about five days’,”said Aunjai.16343538_767595263392170_2000771461_n

Junior  Rachael Northup,  went to Australia for this year’s winter break.

“I went to Sydney, Australia for 3 weeks to visit my sister and her husband and the rest of the family’, said Rachael. ‘‘It was the best break I’ve ever had! I spent the majority of my time at the beach and in the ocean. Some of the best highlights were learning how to surf, climbing the Sydney harbor bridge and viewing Australian wildlife at the Symbio Zoo,” she said.

Both Houser and Northup  said that this year’s  break was a lot more better and adventorous than last years’ one and that they had a lot of fun.

Junior Bowen Brant had a lazy Christmas but many things can still happen while being lazy. Bowen said, “I got a tiny shovel for Christmas I love it, it’s like half the size of an actual shovel.” Bowen also said, “I didn’t really do anything over break.”

Senior, Amanda Scherbarth went to San Antonio, Texas for most of her break. She was there for 9 days and spent Christmas and New Years there.

“I played golf with my family and I have attented my family reunion which was in Shiner, Texas’, said Scherbarth. She felt that she didn’t do many things as last years mostly because of her surgeon she had to do. ‘Our break should be longer, so students can get enough time to do more things,” said Amanda.

Ons Laroussi, another exchange student, spent her holidays and break at Greeley, Colorado with her host family. She spent Christmas and New Years in Greeley.

Laroussi doesn’t want a longer break.

“No, two weeks are enough, otherwise I would be too lazy to go back and actually function.”  She said New Years was fun for her here in the US and back in Tunisia, “I usually spend New Years with family. We all reunite in a uncle and aunts’ house and have dinner together.”

Junior Becca Miller told us that she did not leave Sterling for holidays or break.

‘‘I spent the Christmas and New Years at my grandma’s house and she lives in Sterling,” said Becca and that she  had fun with her family and overall for the break.

Senior Morgan Headley divided her break in three ways, work, friends and family. Morgan said her craziest christmas present was, “I got a white elephant gift which was like underwear and socks which I don’t mind because they’re somewhat decent.” She also visited family and had fun.

Freshman Paige Pratt’s Christmas break was also full of excitement. Paige mentioned the weirdest food that she ate was, “I actually ate squirrel soup for Christmas my uncle brought it.” Her family visited her so she got to stay home.

Senior Gabi Deleon actually was a very busy bee during Christmas break she said, “I did a lot of chores and worked.” But her family visited her so when she wasn’t working or doing chores she was relaxing.

“I Just stayed home and hung out with family” said freshman Jeremiah Deleon. Like most other people he also stayed home to forget about stress and homework. Jeremiah also said, “My tree was topped with a bright star.”

A  lot of students did a lot of things for this years winter break and most of them, especially the exchange students, had experienced a lot of new things. Hopefully, next year’s winter break will be even better !