January’s Tigress of the Month

By Danessa Allen

The tigress of the month for January is senior Abbey Brower for being a part of the girl’s basketball team. Brower is a varsity starter for the Lady Tigers, and she is on her fourth year of being on the team. She has made much progress in her years at SHS and it has definitely paid off. The Lady Tigers have won Conference Championships all three years that Brower has been on the team, and the progress of the team has only been increasing. So far this season the Lady Tigers have been undefeated, having a 13-0 lead. Brower is a huge attribute to the team, and gets a majority of the rebounds and layups during games. Brower loves the sport.

“My last basketball season has gone really well and we have been very successful this season. Also being a senior and taking on a new role has been a very different experience.” said Brower.

The senior has had a very strong career in basketball, but she had different ideas about her plans for playing basketball in college.brower

“I haven’t decided yet. I’m trying to keep my options open, but I think that playing basketball at any level would be a great opportunity,” she says.

Brower thinks that both her and her team has improved tremendously compared to last season.

“As a team we have definitely taken steps to improve because no matter what and even during practices we give 110 percent. Honestly, I think that’s what really matters because we have shown so much improvement and growth in such a short time,” Brower stated.

Even though Brower is extremely proud of her team she had more to say about their progress as a whole.

She says, “I feel very happy with my team’s progress because of the fact that we are undefeated, but that doesn’t really mean anything until we go to state and show success there that will truly show our progress.”

Brower is very excited for the rest of the season and can’t wait to see how the rest of the basketball games play out.

Brower has made extreme progress as an athlete and is also a very good academic student, and she is very well rooted in her education and her athletics. Clearly she is a great contributor to both the Lady Tigers and to SHS and best of luck to her and the rest of the girls on the team as the season draws to an end!