Lamorie “Transfigures” SHS Band Program

By Amarise Buanteo


In the past year the band has gotten a new teacher. Last year they had Mark Thompson and this year they have Risa Lamorie. She has done a lot for the band in the past 7 months that she has been here. Last month they went to see the Colorado symphony play the Harry Potter theme song while the actual movie was playing. Some band kids really enjoyed seeing this considering Lamorie had only taken a few chosen people to see it. All of the band students really enjoy having Lamorie as a teacher.

 Junior, Bowen Brandt has been in band since 5th grade and can play many different instruments yet his main one is his trombone. Brandt was one of the few band kids that was chosen to go to the Harry Potter symphony trip.

   Brandt said, “ I thought it was neat. It was cool to see a full symphony considering that’s something I want to do with my life.”

  For as long as Brandt has been in band he has many different band teachers.  He’s glad he was able to have Lamorie as a band teacher.

  Brandt said, “She takes our opinion into consideration a lot more. She works more on making relationships with people.”

 Senior, Kinzi Kaiser has been in band for seven and a half years now. She is one of the drum majors this year but she also plays the clarinet. She has also had many different band teachers throughout her band experience. Each band teacher has done something different for the band throughout their teaching careers. Kaiser was one of the lucky band students that was able to go to the Harry Potter trip.

   Kaiser said, “My favorite part of the trip was actually watching the Colorado Symphony Orchestra play because here in Sterling, we don’t have an orchestra program at all.”

Sophomore Adam Hernandez has been in band for two years now so he hasn’t had many different teachers but has had some different ones. Hernandez plays many different instruments, but the ones he plays for our high school band are the alto saxophone and the baritone saxophone. Lamorie has done many things for the band but Hernandez had his number one favorite thing this year that she had done this year.

   Hernandez said, “My favorite thing Ms. Lamorie as done for the band this year is that she organized and cleaned the entire band room.”

   Hernandez also said, “Ms. Lamorie has chosen excellent music this year. She is willing to help us whenever we need help. And she is energetic and gets us excited about band.”

  Lamorie said, “I always knew I wanted to work with kids. And music was and is always a place where I feel at home, most accepted for who I am.  I wanted to share that experience. It’s completely unique and it’s encompasses all subjects, plus it’s really fun! Band has been the avenue to make me stronger, more compassionate, and more confident. I think everyone needs to find that place in their lives.”

   Lamorie had taken a certain amount of band students to go see the Colorado Symphony play Harry Potter while the movie was playing.

  Lamorie said, “Well speaking as a Harry Potter and music nerd myself I really wanted to go! But more than that, I thought it was an amazing experience for these students.  To step out and see what the bigger world of music is and can be. It was a really special experience and so incredibly fun! I’ve always thought that when someone’s eyes are shining, you’re doing something right and we all had shiny eyes at that concert!”

  The year for the band isn’t over, yet there is so much more coming for the band. Lamorie gave more insight for how the rest of the year for the band will go.

 Lamorie said, “For the rest of the year we have solo and ensemble coming up. 7th graders are going to a ballet, and then our end of the year concerts, May 2nd and May 4th. Both should be amazing. May 4th is a movie adventure concert featuring Star Wars! But I’m always looking out for amazing experiences. I’m sure next year there will be even more! Got to keep those eyes shining!”

 The band will have a busy end of the year.  They practice hard everyday for anything from football and basketball games to concerts.  They try very hard to be appreciated for what they do and not many people actually do.  Though they do enjoy playing no matter the circumstances because it makes them better players.