‘Tis the Season to Be Ill

By Hannah Mildenberger and Amanda Ferguson

Cold and flu season is here and it is very easy to get sick. Many people are hit hard with the cold, flu and various other illness around this time of year and other illnesses. For some people, they get hit worse than others and are ill for a week or more while others are barely hit, being only sick for a day or so.

Some students had to take the week off, others only a day or so, and a few didn’t take any days off to get better, depending on how ill they were and if they could take the day off.

Senior Kyla Ross said, “Some days it is just intolerable, so for some of those days I take them off to get better and not as sick.”

Senior Will Couchenour said, “Take the day off when you are sick. When enough people get sick, they will cancel and I am not sure how I feel about that happening.”

Most students, when they do take the days off, have assignments that were given on those days and sometimes it can be piles and piles of work. Students who take the day off when an assignment is assigned have two extra days to do it. Depending on the teacher, it could be either two school days or two days when that person has class which is like having four extra days to do the assignment, not including the weekend. Assignments can be tough to do when you’ve been sick all week and some students just don’t do their assignments at all.

img_2847When asked what they do when they have a lot of assignments, Ross said, “It sometimes depends on the due date, but I try and do them as soon as I can.”

Couchenour said, “When you have makeup work, you can use the weekend to do it and finish it.”

Some ways to avoid getting sick, according to Couchenour, would be, to “Keep your hands away from your face. When I feel like I am getting sick, I wash my hands, so wash your hands after using the restroom. Don’t sneeze into your hands and then touch your face.”

Senior Bryanna Bixby said, “Do not share drinks. It spreads germs and illness really easily.” 

Other ways would be to avoid people who are sick and stay out of their space. Another way would be to disinfect common surfaces such as desks, door handles, and keyboards. When not washing hands, another possibility is to apply Germ-X every once in a while.

Ross gave some advice, “Try not to miss school when you can and wait it out to get better. Take medication to get better, too.”

“If you are in Weight Training or a similar class, do not go as hard as you usually do,” advised Couchenour.” Don’t do anything stupid.”

Again, cold and flu season is here and it can be very easy to become ill around this time. Taking precautions, such as washing your hands when you can could help tremendously and help prevent becoming ill or prevent others becoming ill.