Sterling High Goes to a Four-Day School Week

By Amela Nevaljalovic

A four-day week is the only thing being heard on the hallways of Sterling High School for the past couple of weeks.

Principal Beardsley had given several presentations to students’ parents and explained a little bit more thoroughly what this is and what are some of its benefits are. For example, students who come to school by car would save a lot on gas and with all the school sports and afterschool activities, it would really be good for the school’s budget and keeping programs such as arts.

For many of us at Sterling High, proposing a four-day week was an idea that has been accepted pretty well among the students.

A lot of students are really supportive of the idea and  teachers do not have many arguments against for it. 2017-2018-official-4-day-calendar-2-21-17

Sophomore Briar Hulse said “I think it’s a great idea, honestly. I do not know how it will affect future generations but they would already be used to the schedule. On the other hand, sophomores would definitely enjoy it because they could use that extra day for homework or rest.’’

Freshman Dylan Cranwell said, ‘‘If having 40 minutes extra for four days in order to have that one day off, then it’s worth it! We can have three-day weekends and that’d be fun and I don’t see many downsides of it’.

Freshman Courtney Shepherd said ‘‘ Mondays should get off because nobody likes Mondays. Besides that would be like a little break, especially for freshmen’’.

Sophomore Katielynn Freeman said that this would be great for appointments and that a Monday would be perfect for this . ‘Kids can get things done with doctors/dentists and would not miss school at all’.

Of course, there are students who think that this idea is not the best one.

Sophomore Nevaeh Archuleta said ‘I do not like the idea at all and in fact it makes me upset a little bit. Sure it helps with the school budget and having more learning time but what about the athletes? For example, I am in soccer and I already have late practices and with days longer I wouldn’t come home until really late at night. Or what about people  who are members of clubs such as FBLA and others? It really would not be convenient at all and that’s why I think it’s a bad idea.’

Freshman Ana Pacheco said similar thing about the four-day week being a bad idea, ‘‘I don’t like the idea because we will have longer school hours and a shorter summer and I do not know any other schools that are doing this’’.

Hulse also said that the parents who do not want to pay extra for day care can hire teens that wants to earn money for that day they are off as one of the better sides of it.

Vice principal  Mark Applehans said that the four-day week is a mostly budget proposal and that with passing of this proposal the school will save money on transportations, utilities and teachers. ‘’We had to cut 1.25 million dollars from our school budget and a four-day  week seems like a perfect solution’’, said Applehans.

On February 21st, 2017 four-day week has been passed by the Sterling High School board with votes 5:2. As of next school year Sterling High students will have Mondays off and their stay at school will be extended to 35-40 minutes a day.