SHS Dissects the Competition at HOSA Conference

By Kirsten Hernandez

From March 7-9, Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) held their state conference at the Denver Renaissance-Stapleton. There were 750 students that attended Colorado’s state conference. During the conference students attended general sessions, educational symposiums and competed in over 50 different Competitive events. A number of 26 students from SHS, Caliche High school, Haxtun high school and Northeastern Junior College attended the HOSA state conference. Of the 26 students, four made it to nationals which will be held in Orlando, Florida in June. 15 students made it into the top 10.

Lauren Zimmerman, a senior at SHS, has been a member of HOSA for all four years of high school. This year Zimmerman competed in Extemporaneous Writing.

Zimmerman said, “The best part about being a member of HOSA is getting to meet new people every year and learn new things.” HOSA has impacted Zimmerman’s life in several different ways, she said, “It has taught me to be a leader and work hard at anything you do.” Her favorite memory from this year’s state conference was eating pizza on the balcony or going to the recognition dinner with everyone. Zimmerman expressed her love for the program by setting goals and striving to help others and get them involved.

Cassie Schlueter, a senior from SHS, competed in this year’s state conference for the first time. Cassie made it in the top 10 in her event, Community Awareness. Although this was Schlueter’s first year being a member of HOSA it has already impacted her life.

She said, “It has really helped me decide what I want to do for my future through clinicals.”

Schlueter’s favorite memory from this year’s state conference was getting to know everyone she went with more. Schlueter said the best part about being a member of HOSA is getting the opportunity to compete at state, and guide her along her path through the medical field. She states that she would recommend this program to anyone who is considering the healthcare field.

Kodie Krueger-Wettstein, a junior from Caliche High School also competed this year. Krueger competed in Physical Therapy who earned her way into the top 10 as well. Her favorite part of state was visiting a symposium that included learning about the human body through anatomy and clay. This was Krueger’s first year in HOSA, and she would prefer to do it again. She states that the best part of being a HOSA member is experiencing careers that you are interested in and learn what the different opportunities are in those careers. Krueger plans to pursue attending HOSA, and is looking forward to more experiences to come.

HOSA impacts lives in different ways every year, and continues to prosper in health care. It certainly provides guidance to students and educators in directing them to their goals. Leadership is also focused on and taught to these HOSA members, and is a very important skill to learn in the healthcare field. These participating students encourage others to join HOSA for a great experience.