Tiger Scholar of March

By Amanda Ferguson

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about dancing in the rain.”

This is what Amanda Scherbarth says helps her get through the hard times. She says it’s a quote that has helped her in the past and she plans on using it when she going through the motions of college. Scherbarth wants to go to Colorado State University and plans to major in statistics. She says that the reason she wants to major in statistics is that when she heard about it she thought it would be interesting and “more down her alley.” As a senior in high school, she has done a lot, including being in cheer, FBLA and student council as executive president. Scherbarth says that her favorite part of it all was going to state FBLA during her junior.

Her favorite subject in school is math. She says that it comes easy to her and she understands it well.

As well as having a favorite subject, she also has a favorite teacher. For her it would be Mr. Blake, he is nice and very funny.

Scherbarth has a really passionate and kind role model: her mom. “She is always there for me” she said.

Her future plans besides going to college is hopefully “Living in Texas and working for their basketball team, the Spurs”.

Before getting too far ahead in the future Scherbarth, still has a kid side. She loves watching Disney, her favorite movie is Brother Bear. She loves to go fishing, hiking and hunting with her family. She is very family oriented. She reads books with her mom, like The Shack, which is her favorite book. She also saw it in theatres with her mom.

Her favorite holiday is Christmas. She says that it is very family oriented and she likes spending it with her three brothers.

As a graduating senior, there are a few things that Scherbarth wished she had done differently. She wished that she had started applying to colleges sooner. She “needed a game plan.” Scherbarth has some words of wisdom for underclassmen, “Don’t procrastinate. Get your work done, and make the most of your high school year”.