Teacher of April

By Abby Cross

The teacher of the month for April is Marilyn Fehringer. Fehringer is a math teacher here at SHS and teaches Algebra 1 and 2 as well as Geometry. She is also a senior class advisor. Fehringer has been a teacher for 24 years; teaching at every level except middle school.

“I wanted to be a teacher at Sterling High School because of the challenge of teaching high school after doing every other level,” she said.

She wanted to become a teacher in the first place because she wanted to empower others, which is what teachers do. The two people that influenced her the most in becoming a teacher were her third grade teacher and her mom.

“My third grade teacher made learning fun and my mom instilled the love of learning in me,” Fehringer said.

Her main goal for this year at SHS was to help students succeed while building a good math team. Her favorite part about teaching is witnessing the light bulb feeling that students have when they “get” what they are being taught.

“My favorite memory from teaching is when I walked into the final test of first hour in the second semester and knowing I had succeeded in teaching my students enough to move on to higher levels of math,” Fehringer said.

Outside of school, Fehringer enjoys doing stuff on her farm, dealing with her animals, camping and anything that has to do with her family. Her favorite holiday is Easter because of her strong relationship to her faith. Her favorite book is Little House on the Prairie and her favorite food is any kind of pizza.

“An interesting fact about me that none of my students know is that I rode a motorcycle in Thailand, as well as I faced down a cobra outside of my house while living there,” said Fehringer.