Tiger Scholar of April

By Abby Cross

The Tiger Scholar for the month of April is Alan Polly due to his outstanding technical expertise.  Polly has a cumulative GPA of 3.3 and plans on attending college for two years to study criminal justice, which he has always been interested in.

“My favorite school subject is Creative Writing because the class is very laid back and  because it doesn’t flow like a standard boring class, where all it is is do this, do that, and act  like you’re learning. Creative Writing is more realistic and keeps class interesting,” said Polly.

His favorite teachers are Mr. Moon, Mr. Blake and Mrs. Fehringer. Polly’s favorite memory from high school is when he bought his first car. In ten years, Polly has no clue where he will be and what he will be doing.

Some advice he has for the under classmen is: “Just do you work and don’t complain until you’ve finished. College in Colorado has to be done so just do it. You can’t change the requirements,” he said.

In his spare time, Polly enjoys gaming, game modding, house improvement, yard improvement and drawing. He has one biological brother, two step brothers and a step sister.

“One of my top role models is my step dad. He always tries to do things even if he doesn’t want to do them. He puts family first, no matter what and has been a great family man,” said Polly.

His favorite quote is by Eminem and says: “You don’t get another chance. Life is no Nintendo game.” This is his favorite quote because it is pretty much saying “go for it,” don’t hold back, but it also says don’t be stupid and learn from your mistakes.

Polly’s favorite book is A Child Called It because it is one of the only book series he has been able to keep reading, and it also links into his love for criminal justice.  

His favorite movies are the Final Destination movies, his favorite food is Italian food, and Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday because everyone can come together without greed and it does not get as much “hate” as the other holidays.  

“Looking back in time, I don’t think there is anything I’d change. Everything has gone very well for me,” said Polly.