Sterling High Art Exhibit at E.S. French 2017

By: Ethan Robinson

A special event that gives Sterling High School students more recognition with the arts is the annual art exhibit featuring student art in all kinds of mediums. It was hosted in E.S. French at Northeastern Junior College, and three works were chosen by a jury and placed first, second, and third. Exchange student Magmai Nimkul took first place for a charcoal piece. But many other high school students were involved in the event, and you can find their names below.

Art teacher Chelsea Scott says that this is a great way to get students interested in arts programs beyond high school. Scott highlighted the rich class opportunities there are to take at NJC for any arts major, such as art appreciation or art history. Sterling High had the most pieces featured compared the area involved, numbering 40 pieces.

NJC art professor Will Ross said, “As for hosting the event, it was great to be able to see the diversity of talent that is coming out of the secondary schools in the area. I’ve only been teaching at the college level so this was my first time since being in high school that I’ve seen that level of work. It’s great to see some enthusiasm from art students.”

Placing students

1st: Magmai Nimkul

A charcoal piece

2nd: Ashby Hux


3rd: M’kayla Steen



Students Involved

Cherie Bell

Samantha Freeland

Kirstyn Fritzler

Ons Laroussi

Rowan Knowles

Chyann Chandler

Sydney Wright

Ashby Hux

Kahlei Fleckenstein

Cheyanne Giddings

Kayla Smithgall

Karen Young

Adam Chandler

Mona Aunjai

M’Kayla Steen

Shelby Houser

Britney Wilterdink